Zidane has a big problem

Last weekend suffered its first defeat in Primera. Mallorca celebrated 1-0 in front of their fans, allowing the defender of the title Barcelona to return to the top spot with a point higher than Real. After this game, Zinedine Zidane raised his hands from at least four players.

Before visiting Istanbul, Real was in big trouble. Also, Zinedine Zidane was in an unenviable situation. The game against Galatasaray come just three days after the debacle in Mallorca. After this defeat, Spanish media started to speak more about Zinedine Zidane’s dismissal from the head coach position.

Zinedine Zidane is not happy with all this speculation, but team captain Sergio Ramos said that the locker room is behind Zizou. They are ready to defend him. Maybe in the future, we will see changes in this position, but until then follow Soccer10. Here you will find all the important information about this club.

Real shoot so many times, but useless, Zidane has a big problem

In such chaos, while Real is without injured Luka Modric, Real went in Turkey to save the season. After two rounds in the Champions League, Real was on the last spot in the group with only one point. This game was their last chance for redemption.


When it was needed the most, Real played the best. It was probably Madrid’s best match of the season. The only goal was scored by Toni Kroos in the 18th minute. Despite the good play, Zidane has no reason to be pleased because everyone can see the biggest flaw of his team in Istanbul. Chronic inefficiency. It is incredible what Real missed last night. Eden Hazard missed the empty goal.

If we look at statistic, Real shoot 26 times at the goal of Galatasaray, 13 of these shoots went in the goal frame. This statistic we can’t see in one big away game since season 2003/04.

In this season Real has made a total of 212 shots on goal in 12 games in all competitions in this season. From all that number, only 76 of them ended in the goal frame, while 19 of these balls went in the net. In the future we will see more shoots, maybe you can guess how many of them will end in the net. This can bring you Betway maximum payout in South Africa.

For sure this is one desperate realization for a team like this. This is their biggest problem right now. Zidane will have a hard job to figure something out. Real is and it has to be a trophy team, but right now they don’t look like that.