Women’s soccer in England facing big problems

Women’s soccer in England is facing much more serious issues than just the delay of events. Many of the players were forced out of their homes – even made homeless. Most of the homes they were living in belong to the clubs so, consequently, they had no choice but to pack their bags.

Most players have no idea when will they get paid – or will they get a paycheck at all. None of them is sure whether will they be able to afford to live. This statement is born from many players who are concerned about their future – which is in complete contrast to their male counterparts in this game. Read more on soccer 10 today;

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Most of Women’s soccer in England cancelled, the teams will go on without pay

After the break-out of the COVID-19, the female players are uncertain of their future. The Football Association Council made a sudden and harsh decision to immediately bring the female soccer down. They cancelled all the games and expunged all results outside of the two top divisions.

There won’t be any promotions or relegations of clubs for anyone from third to seventh place. Meanwhile, another decision was to put an end to the Regional Talent Clubs campaign which was due to conclude in April.


The National League Division One north side Barnsley Women concluded that these decisions were very flawed and unfair to the clubs. The measures are not suitable for the siuation. This is, naturally, something FA denied. In response, they said that this decision was made in consultation between FA, the Women’s Football Conference and the FA Women’s Boards members. It supposedly included all the representatives of all-female leagues in the women’s pyramid.

“The members of the Women’s FC and the FA have come to an agreement. All of the league’s representatives supported it. These are challenging times for everyone included in the football world. The decision is in the best interest of the woman’s football. It brought with concern to the safety and welfare of the players, clubs, their staff, officials and supporters.” Be ready when the season continues with supabets app!

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