Will they employ a defense coach?

After the last game head coach Benni McCarthy is considering hiring a defense coach. Once again the throw away the win. They lead 2-0 against Orlando Pirates, but the final score was drawn 3-3. They can’t be satisfied with their latest psl results in this season.

This is the six-match where they didn’t win. In this season they have conceded the most goals than any other side in Absa Premiership. After 2-0 they allowed the Buccaneers back in the game. It looks like history is repeating, before two weeks Benni had the same situation when they play draw 3-3 with SuperSport United.

Benni: we need a defense coach

This is the story of our lives, said Benni after the match. They play great, have a victory in their hands. But then they allowed silly mistakes. In the later game, they become more casual. Basically, they give opponents the chance to even win in this game.

They maybe have the league’s leakiest defense, but City also scored the most goals in the competition, along with Pirates. Talking about the chance they have in the first half when they only need to guard the score, they throw away points.


Benni works hard with a team. Teamwork hard in the game, but the final score isn’t good. If we ask Benni, the final score should be at last 4-0. But it’s not like that. You can’t play like that against a team like Orlando Pirates. They are to a good team that they will not use any chance.

After the game, Benni said that he will need to do what they do in NFL football. He will need to employ a defense coach. Only like that, he will get better and organized defense. Maybe like that, they will not leak the goals.

This is not the first time that they throw away the victory. For that reason, the trainer is very disappointed. It’s hard for the trainer when he works a whole week with a team. But the final score isn’t good.

He can be happy because his team plays as they want to. But this wasn’t the whole time. It looks like they lose concentration. They aren’t bad teams, but when you play against a team like Orlando Pirates, you need to play on 100% whole game. Will they really employ a defense coach? Look at Soocer 10 results and find out.