Will Pep Guardiola go to Juventus FC

Pep Guardiola

Lately, everyone has been writing about unconvincing Manchester City matches. Does that mean the club’s leadership is dissatisfied with Pep Guardiola? Will he change the club and go to Juventus FC? At Juventus, they are convinced that Pep Guardiola is the coach they need.

Many are convinced that the English club coach has reached the limit in Manchester City. He could leave the club as early as summer, because everything had already been agreed upon last year. The president of the Italian club in a Spanish coach sees a man who could improve his team’s game.

Andrea Agnelli believes Guardiola could change the atmosphere at the club. It has been known for a long time that the Italian club is not happy with the way Maurizio Sarri works. Pep Guardiola is not the only candidate to replace Sarri. Some speculate that Juventus might take over Max Allegri. Former coach who reportedly still has a contract with the former club.

Did Guardiola already make a deal with Juventus FC?


Coach Maurizio Sarri transferred 2019 from Chelsea F.C. to create an attractive game in an Italian club. But that didn’t happen. Instead of the club continuing to win trophies, several defeats occurred. The last one is against Verona where they lost 2-1. Many consider it unacceptable that one of the most famous football clubs has had so many defeats lately. The unrecognizable play of the team may be the reason for Coach Sarri’s departure.

Will Pep Guardiola become the new Juventus coach

The Italian media has increasingly begun to speculate that a change in the club may occur. Many hope that this change will be Guardiola’s arrival. But as the 2019/2020 season progresses, it is clear that much more can happen. Manchester City may be able to improve its supabets soccer results and get back to the top again.

Juventus vs Verona

As Guardiola will not be able to win the Premiership League with his club this season, the English feel that the Spanish coach cannot do much more. Coach Pep has experienced this situation before with Bayern and Barcelona. It was then obvious that it was time to change the club. Pep played for AS Roma’s Brescia Calcio club during his professional football career. Since she speaks Italian well, who knows, he may become the latest Serie A news.