Will Anthony Laffor return to Mamelodi Sundowns

Will Anthony Laffor return? Well-known Mamelodi Sundowns striker Anthony Laffor didn’t miss the opportunity to answer the question of whether he would return in competition for the new season. However, he last played for Mamelodi Sundowns in March. Laffor is currently working on getting back into shape after knee surgery. Lets se what will happen on Soccer 10.

Anthony Laffor hopes to return to the field soon but is aware that he will maybe not be in the first team because there are already players in the offense who play very well. Although he has never been a regular part of the team, Laffor thinks this is no reason to lend him to another team. Even more, Anthony thinks that case selling is better than borrowing.

First of all, Anthony has repeatedly stated in interviews that he doesn’t want to be loaned to another club. He also stated that he works hard every year to help the club as much as possible and if the coach so decides that he will sit on the bench, he will do it until he lets him play. Finally, Anthony thinks you need to be able to adapt to each game mode and change the club if necessary, but not for loan.

Who is Anthony Laffor

Anthony Laffor is a well-known Liberia football player who currently plays for the Mamelodi Sundowns club. Anthony Laffor is one of the players in the position of wing striker. He has been struggling with injuries lately, and it looks like a knee injury could decide whether he will stay at the Sundowns club. It remains to wait to see what will club leaders decide.


Anthony Snoti Laffor was born on 17th of February 1985 in Monrovia, Liberia. He changed several clubs before he started playing for Sundowns. For example, at the beginning of his career, he played for LISCR. After that, he joined the Ashanti Gold Club. From 2005 to 2008 he played for the Jomo Cosmos club and after that four years at SuperSport United. Since 2012 he plays for Mamelodi Sundowns. Anthony made his first appearance for the Liberia national team in 2003.