Wijnaldum – Liverpool can always turn the game around

Liverpool’s midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum firmly believes in his club. He stated that he can’t recall the last time he though his team will lose. The only loss that club had this season was 2-0 in the Champions League when they played against Napoli. In that match, Holland did not appear until the 66th minute.

Since then, they pulled off miraculous escapes with late goals against Arsenal, Manchester United and Leicester and earned a strong reputation. Their skills will get tested to the limits on Sunday when they will face Manchester City at Anfield. They will look to earn the six-point leader Liverpool has over them at the top of the table. Soccer 10 is here with the details;

Wijnaldum; Liverpool pulled off miraculous turnarounds

“We always create the feeling that we know we can turn things around. We need to stay positive. That is also because of the results we had until this season and the way we came back. Our mindset is completely different, which is excellent because we are doing the things we wanted to do in a game. Normally, if you are 2-0 down in a game, your body language will change but we still need to keep a positive attitude.”

“It is because we believe in each other but also the results we had. We turned around many games, many times. That gives us confidence. If it just happened once, it would not be the same but it happened over and over. We know that we are a team who can turn around from a bad situation but of course, we don’t want to let it got that far.” – Wijnaldum said.


It was suggested that the amount of physical and emotional energy players that players take into turning around situations might come against them. However, Wijnaldum believes that this became so ingrained in them now that they can push themselves past the pain while searching for victory.

“Especially when we are at the end of the games, we just need to keep going because we think we can. Your body might be tired but you need to battle with your body and say ‘No, we have to do this, I need to go on’. It is really hard but in the end, it pays off. You enjoy more if you win that way then when it is easy.” Prepare yourself for the next fixture with betway south africa.