Why is Real Madrid taking too many risks with Casemiro?

Casemiro and Zidane

Casemiro is one of the most important players in the Spanish football club. The question is why Real is taking such a risk when it comes to this player. Did you know that a talented Brazilian player played all the games for Real this season? Because of this, many agreed that Real is taking too much risk in allowing their most important player to expose himself to possible injuries.

None of the important people in Real Madrid like Tito and Zidane can afford to leave a player like Casemiro out of the squad. After the analysis, you can conclude how much the Brazilian has played. So far he has played out of a possible 1170 1144 minutes. Last week he played an extra 90 minutes in the Brazil – Nigeria match. So far it doesn’t seem like this player will slow down at all. Indeed, it will continue at the same pace, but the question remains. The fact is, this way, he is more and more at risk of getting hurt.

There is still no rest for the player from Brazil!

Casemiro is currently one of the most important players for Coach Zinedine Zidan. Proof of this is the match Real Madrid – Osasuna. Coach rested seven of his first teammates in that match, but not Casemiro. The question is whether he will be resting in a match against Mallorca. Unfortunately players Luka Modric, Toni Kroos are injured so Real will have to push the player from Brazil once again.


Who is Casemiro

Carlos Henrique Casimiro better known as Casemiro is a footballer from Brazil who plays defensive midfielder. He was born on the 23rd of February 1992. He started his career in Sao Paulo where he scored 11 goals in 112 games. Soon he started playing for Real Madrid, with which he won four Champions League titles.

Since 20111 he is playing for the Brazil national team, with which he won Copa America in 2019. He competed with the team at the FIFA World Cup 2018 and three Copa America tournaments. The FIFA World Cup 2018 featured the 17th of June. Casemiro played 60 minutes in the game against Switzerland. The teams eventually went 1-1. In May 2019, he played for Brazil at Copa America. In the last game during the group stage, Casemiro scored his first international goal against Peru. The final score was 5-0.

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