Why is England national football team angry at Bulgarians?

England vs Bulgaria

The England national football team is angry with a lot of Bulgarian fans. What happened at the England-Bulgaria match? The match between Bulgaria and England was interrupted twice by referee Ivan Bebek. Because of racist shouting from the stands. The first time the referee had to react was 30 minutes after the start of the match.

Just 30 minutes after the start of the match, Bulgarian fans began to make racist chants. According to UEFA rules, fans were asked via an announcement to stop with abusive gestures. After that, the fans did not stop but continued with rood behavior. In the 41st minute, Gareth Southgate reported new insults from the stands. The referee had to react again and stop the match.

Bulgarian captain Ivelin Popov went to the grandstand where the home fans were and asked them to stop with insults. A group of black-hooded fans left the stands minutes before the end of the match. Not only the players but the English journalists were angry. After the match, English media insisted that Bulgarians should be excluded from the competition and that such behavior was unacceptable.

It was really hard for England players to play …


Marcus Rashford wrote on his Twitter profile that it was not easy to play in such conditions. He finds it shameful that such things are happening in the 21st century and that it should be banned. Not only the media in England have condemned this behavior. The UEFA organization wants to put an end to such outbursts that only do damage to football and society.

Bulgaria vs England national football team – highlights

England national football team beat Bulgaria 6-0. Despite interruptions, the team from England were able to win and hold themselves in dignity all the time. Tammy Abraham striker from Chelsea didn’t play in this match after match against the Czech Republic. England dominated all the time. At no point did they allow the Bulgarians to score.

Harry Kane was one of the players who assisted in the goal 32 minutes into the game. Raheem Sterling scored two goals. Harry Kane scored the last goal for England. The England team celebrated with a big win. It will be interesting to see on Soccer 10 how will qualifications for EURO2020 finally end.