Why did Pirates lose in the game against Wits?

On Saturday we can see the match with a huge number of goals. A game where Orlando Pirates are defeated. Winner in this game was Bidvest Wits. The final score was 4-3 for Bidvest Wits.

PSL results show us a lot of goals. But why did Pirates defeated in this game? We can find a couple of them. The tactic is the main key for the win. Here you can find a couple of factors in Pirates’ defeat.

Rulani use the right formation in the game


From the start of the match, he used a formation similar to 3-3-3-1. This game formation clearly defined the back three players, Nyauza, Jele, Maela. There were also three midfielders. Lorch played number ten, two wingers, one target man.

This formation allows Ndlovu playing half as a wingback and half as a right-sided midfield. Makaringe had a similar role on the left. All Pirates ball possession came from this formation. With ball possession, they came to the chances in the game.


Wits have a problem on the flanks

In the first half Pirates’ players forced Wits’ wingers to defend for large periods of the match. Hotto had to drop back to help Hlanti. He has a problem with Mulenga. While Doutie only makes one cross without dribbles.

He needs to help to cover Maela and Makaringe. In this whole time, Macuphu was isolated up front. But Gavin Hunt wasn’t happy with this fact.

Hunt makes the right changes in the game

At the break, Hunt realizes that he needs to make some changes if he wants to win. In the half, he replaced Dautie with Domingo. Then he switched to a back three with wing-backs.

Hotto got a deeper role, this allowed Hlanti to help defend the box from the left or the right. This worked like a charm, now Domingo could help the attack. Hunt’s idea turns into a great decision. Soon Hotto won the ball, ran 50 yards and assist Macuphu for a goal.

Mokwena try to adjust

Pirates chased the win. Mokwena tries to make some changes. He replaced Ndlovu and Mlambo with Monyane, Mhango. With these changes, he changes the game formation in 4-2-3-1. This formation allows them to have two fullbacks with two wingers. For Pirates, this means the chance to score.

They have a great chance, but it looks like every change came late. Hunt makes all moves at the right time. In the future, we will see more games between these two teams. Who will win in these matches? Be sure that you will find all the information on Soccer10.