Why are FC Barcelona players unhappy

Why are FC Barcelona players angry about management? The club’s management two days ago held a conference. The meeting was with the captains of the handball, basketball and football teams. The topic of the meeting was cutting wages. While continuing the emergency in Spain due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ever since all sectional players the 19th of March finished in quarantine, the club has been trying to find a way to alleviate the financial crisis. The management planned to reduce salaries for coaches, players, and other staff.

The main reason is that the club survives the crisis caused by the interruption of the competition. At the meeting, it was suggested pay cuts up to 70%. This situation will continue until everything is resolved. Subsequently, players and club members will be paid under the contract.

The club gave the players a 48-hour deadline. To agree on whether to adopt the measures introduced. FC Barcelona players reportedly agreed to a pay cut, but not in that amount. But the biggest problem erupted among basketball players.


Ante Tomic represented basketball players and spoke with the club’s director. But the meeting didn’t go well. There was a difference of opinion between management and players. It is assumed that the big basketball club is in danger of falling apart. Many players declared they would seek termination of the contract. In case proposal was accepted. But what about football players?

Why are FC Barcelona players dissatisfied?

First-team players declined the pay cut the club recently proposed. President Josep Bartomeu sought to persuade players to accept his proposal. Supposedly more money than other professional teams in other clubs would get.

Josep is also considering the possibility of some compensation for first-team players. A pay cut would thus not exceed 50%. All because the first team is responsible for generating more revenue than the other teams.

If the players reject the proposal, the club will exercise its legal right based on the state of emergency. This would mean a temporary release without the player’s approval. It is in everyone’s interest to be able to negotiate. Everyone hopes Messi and the other players will continue to have good matches after the crisis. When the competition continues, it is important to keep high soccer 10 results.