Who owns 10 major European clubs?

Such a huge number of football clubs in Europe, but who are the owners of these clubs? There is a huge number of transfers with a huge circulation of money. But who is behind all these European clubs?

One of the most valuable sports companies in the world is the City Football Group. Right now they are owners of Manchester City, but now they sell 10% of his stakes to U.S. investors. Private company Silver Lake paid $500 million for that share. With this sell City Football Group increasing its value on $4,8 billion.

But behind football, we can find a huge market. For example, only 24 hours later, CFG sends some of these profits to India. They bought a 65% stake in Mumbai City FC. Right now they have a stake in eight clubs all around the world. Including the US, Australia, and Asia. But this is only one company with many others. For that reason, we need to look at other big clubs to find out who is behind them. Each of these clubs needs to have some Betway deposit.

10 major European clubs

Firstly, let’s start with Manchester City. Even if City Football Group has sold some parts to the Americans. Still, Sheikh of Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan has the major ownership, but here we can find Chinese investors who own about 12%. While the US company Silver Lake has about 10%.


In Manchester United, we can find a different situation, where the owner is in the hands of the Glazer family since 2005. They buy the club for £790 million. While in Liverpool we can find again one owner. Since 2010 they are owned by Fenway Sports Group who buoyed the club for a £300 million. This group also owns the Boston Red Sox.

Arsenal is in the ownership of the American billionaire Stan Kroenke who first bought the major stake in 2011. Last year he makes an agreement with an Alisher Usmanov to buy the remaining stake. This company owns a number of clubs in America. In Chelsea, the situation is clear, since 2003 they have the same owner Roman Abramovich who buys the stake for an official price of £140 million. But since that time Chelsea becomes one of the best clubs in Europe.

Finally, in Bayern Munich, 75% of the club is in the ownership of their supporters, while the other 25% is in the ownership of Adidas, Audi, and Allianz. The same situation is with Real Madrid and Barcelona, but they are completely owned by their fans.

PSG is owned by a Qatar sports investment fund, they have a 70% stake since 2011. The other 30% was bought by Colony Capital in the coming years for a €100 million. While in Milan, the Elliott Management American Foundation took control of this Italian club. They also pumped €50 million into the club to make a financial stabilization.