Which European Leagues will continue the competition


The European Leagues are in a difficult situation right now, and it seems increasingly likely that for many of them the season is over. The French government decided on Tuesday that League 1 and League 2 will not be finished. The French have banned all sports competitions until at least September. This means that there will be no time to finish the current season and start a new one.

The Italians are likely to make the same decision as to the French, though it is speculated that they could continue the season in early June. But as time goes on it becomes increasingly clear that the Italian championship will be interrupted. Another league has been canceled and two more will be certainly canceled.

UEFA has given all members a deadline of the 25th of May to decide whether to continue their championships. UEFA has decided to let everyone decide what to do with the competition. But they advised that European posts should be filled according to the current situation in the table.

The Bundesliga as one of the strongest leagues will continue. The Germans plan is to continue with the 9th of May. It all depends on how the pandemic situation will develop. There are 9 rounds left by the end of the season and matches should be played in front of the empty stands. It should be a maximum of 322 people in each stadium. There would be disinfectants next to the lawn and players would be tested twice a week. Bayern is currently ranked first with excellent soccer 10 predictions.


What is the future of the European Leagues

The Premiership is another league that is unlikely to be canceled. The plan is for competitions to continue on the 8th of June. English clubs were scheduled to start training on the 9th of May. It is still uncertain how the transfer will end. But it is certain that the stands will be empty if the championship continues. One suggestion is to play in another country, where 90 more games would be played under controlled conditions.

La Liga is also unlikely to break. Spanish clubs should start training on the 18th of May. Training in smaller groups would be allowed first, a week later in larger groups. Under the current plan, La Liga should start again on the 5th or 12th of June.

The president of the Spanish Football Federation has announced the disinfection of the lawn, which would be done at half-time. Matches should be played with a minimum of 72 hours break, before the empty stands. The Spanish federation has announced that there will be no viewers until 2021. Barcelona and Real Madrid are at the top of the table, with Madrid two points behind. Belgium and Netherlands, have canceled the season.