What will happen with some of the biggest leagues?

Many football fans around the world want to know important things related to the biggest leagues in the world. What will happen with some of the biggest leagues in the world? Some leagues will be proponed on the further dates, but everyone is hoping that all leagues will be finished at the right time. They will have a lot of effect on the Soccer10 results, but right now is only important that they finish this season on time.

The Premier League is moving again

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there may be a new start day in the Premier League. According to the English media, there is a possibility that the championship will continue on June 1 st. But the matches will be played in a shorter period and without spectators. Only like this, they could start the next season in the mid-August.

The first decision was that Premier League will start on April 1, but the complication due to the spread of the virus and the start date was moved up by April 30. The rest of Europe is hoping that they will be able to resume the championship in early May, but according to the latest information, this is a big question. Europe has major problems with the coronavirus.

The fate of the leagues is more important than the Champions League

Chairman of Lyon Jean-Michel Aulas wants Le Championnat to have priority over the Champions League and Europa League when crucial decisions are made about interrupted events. As he said if they want to save the French League they will need to finish it by June 30th. In another case, they will interrupt the next season.


It is necessary they will dismiss the Champions League, the Europa League, and the home cup finals. For him, they only need to concentrate on the league. They want to finish the championship, even in front of the empty stadiums.

Just if we look in the archive, Leyon beat Juventus 1-0 in their first match of the last match of the Champions League played on February 26th. The return game was not played because of the pandemic of coronavirus. Right now Lyon is on the seventh position in the French Championship, with 40 points. They will have a hard job if they want to secure that they are playing in the Champions League qualifications next season.

In the first place is PSG with 68 points, while in the second place is and Marseille with 56 points.