What is happening to Manchester United

Manchester United coach – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United is in big trouble for some time. One of the most famous and successful clubs in the English league for a long time could not get better results. Proof of this is the statement by De Geo, who gave a statement about the current situation in the English club. After eight rounds of the Premiership Manchester is in 12th place. After a few rounds of the league, they managed to collect only nine points.

For United, this is one of the most startable starts of the season since the Premiership. Back in 1989, it didn’t get any better when they finished 13th. Based on the statistics, it can be concluded that United have not won in eight games. After Alex Ferguson, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has the lowest winning percentage.

David De Gea, the United goalkeeper, is also honest. After the British club’s last defeat in the game against Newcastle 1-0, David admitted that this was his hardest moment since playing for the club. He is not sure what is going on either, as they cannot score a goal for the second game in a row. David has been playing for the club for eight years. He recently extended his contract to 2023. It’s not just this match that has been a problem, but the whole season. We will see on Soccer 10 how will the next math end.

Newcastle demolished Manchester United

Newcastle United F.C. was great in the match against United. For the club from Old Trafford, it was another public execution that ended in defeat. Coach Gunnar almost couldn’t find his way out after his club lost once more. They will have to do something soon as Liverpool is their next opponent.


Newcastle fans were happy to see their players play, especially when Andy Carroll came in as a substitute in the second half. Andy is originally from North Shield. He is only 19 years old and already shows that he is a player the club can count on. Matty Longstaff scored one goal.

Michael Owen doesn’t believe this Manchester United could be better…

A few days ago Michael Owen said how disappointed he is with the club from Old Trafford. For him this is the worst United in decades. And before Alex Ferguson took over the club. Michael is confident United will fight for the middle of the ladder, not the Champions League. This will be another tough season that will not only disappoint the club’s leadership but also the fans. Liverpool FC is currently in first place with 24 points. Right behind him is Man City with 16 points.Behind them are clubs like Arsenal, Leicester, Chelsea, Crystal Palace. United came in 12th with nine points.