Valverde tried to justify himself with VAR

Barcelona had a one-goal lead nine minutes till the end of semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup against Atletico Madrid, but they failed to win. Not only that, Atletico made a complete turnaround and celebrated with 3: 2. Valverde tried to justify himself with VAR.

Ernesto Valverde did not look upset after the game, although this is now the second game in a row where Barcelona have been losing points in the last minutes. The same thing happened in La Liga against Espanyol who scored for 2-2 in the final minutes.

For him the game was tense and they grow as time went on. At the beginning of the game, they were much better than Atletico. But goals scored by Atletico look like as a surprise for them.

The media is ready for dismissal of Valverde

After the game, he spoke about the situation with VAR. In the 75th minute, the match seemed resolved when Pique scored after a free-kick. But this goal was canceled by VAR. According to the VAR, Vidal was in the small hinterland. Valverde doesn’t think it was hinterland.


He saw this situation on the monitor, and he thinks that this wasn’t hinterland. Vidal was maybe a millimeter or two in the background, it’s not possible to draw such a perfect line between two players. VAR should be fair, said Valverde. According to him, his coaching position was no in any doubt.

However, that’s not what the Spanish media thinks. Even while Valverde was speaking, the Catalan media were preparing covers where they will speak about Barcelona’s game against Atletico. Also, they think that all of Valverde’s work is not at the level of Barcelona.

Thus, Catalan Sport has written “INFINITY” in big letters after the game and Mundo Deportivo delivers a cover that says “SUPERVAR” in the same style. While some other media judges the decisions and they blame Valverde as the main reason for defeat.

Almost every Catalan media speculate that Valverde could be fired on Monday. Will this become true we can just wait to see, but one thing is for sure. Soccer10 results show that once again they played badly in the last minutes of the game.