Valencia in problems

Right now Spain becomes the second country in Europe with the number of infected persons with Coronavirus. From all sports clubs in this country, Valencia is in the worst situation. In the last days, we can find out that they have five infected persons in their club. Three players, and two members of their staff.

The first infected player in La Liga was Ezequiel Garay. In a short time, we got the second player, Eliaquim Mangala. And the last was Jose Gaya. He was the third player from Valencia lines who got the infection.

But that was at the beginning, now they have more than 35% of people from the club infected; of course in this number are involved players to. The situation in Spain is not ideal, right now they have a lot of infected persons, also a lot of deaths. Football in many countries will suffer, but everyone -needs to be calm and wait for better Soccer10 results.

Valencia is in problems, Barcelona is preparing a plan for summer

Even if the situation in Spain is not ideal, Barcelona is preparing for summer. They are preparing their wish list for the summer transfer period. Right now they have four players which they want to see in their lines.


Barcelona wants to become stronger, they want to bring better players on four positions. But they have only one known name. They want to bring Lautaru Martinez, a player who is leaving Inter for a while. From the beginning, Barcelona is looking like the ideal club for the future of this player.

Barcelona is in the lead for this young player. In the future, he should replace Luis Suarez at the top of the attack. But Barcelona needs to pay 110 million euro’s on the Inter balance. However, Real Madrid is in the run for this young player too.

In this season, Martinez played 31 times for his club. In this season they scored 16 goals. Even six goals were scored in the Champions League. He has contracted with Inter until 2023, and he signs for the club in 2018. For sure, he has a chance to become a great player. Where will he continue his career? We can only wait to see.