Uefa: We will not acknowledge any sorts of champions

The Executive Board of the European Football Federation had a video conference. After the conference, Uefa makes recommendations to national federations to not end domestic competitions. In fact, they announced that Euro 2020 would retain its name. The final decision on the 2021 European U-21 Championship will be on May 27.

If is not possible to end the league due to the pandemic and the calendar. Uefa has the recommendation to end the season with play-offs which will allow the clubs to qualify for UEFA competition by sport criteria.

There can be two possible scenarios of continuing the leagues and competitions. However, in both scenarios, domestic football starts before the Uefa club competition. In the first scenario, those two competitions will run parallel. While in the second, domestic competitions will end and in August they will continue Uefa competitions.

With the best will, national federations or leagues may have legitimate reasons to end their competitions before the end. If the domestic competition is terminated before the end, they will ask national federations to select clubs for European competitions based on sport criteria.


Uefa: Health is a priority

Right now the unity of European football is one of the most important things. But the health of everyone should be a priority in these moments.

Bearing in mind the decisions of football associations in Belgium and Scotland. Uefa is asking national federations and leagues to explore all options to bring their domestic competitions to a natural end. However, it emphasizes that the health of players, spectators, and all involved in football, as well as the general public, must remain a priority at this time.

After they postponement the Euro 2020 to the summer of 2021, Uefa conducted an internal analysis and spoke with several partners on the name of the tournament. The Executive Board decided that the competition would continue to be called Euro 2020.

In fact, with this decision, they stay loyal to the original vision of the tournament. If we look in the Soccer10 archive, they are celebrating 60 years since the first European Championship. However, one of the factors in the decision was environmental protection. A lot of Euro 2020-labeled materials have already been produced. Changing the name of the tournament would mean the destruction and re-production of those materials.