UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin about racism incident

UEFA president Aleksander Čeferin takes seriously European football’s governing body commitment to tackle racism. The last couple of years have shown that this kind of behaviour is nothing more than complacent. Not that long ago, the football family thought that the scourge of racism was a distant memory. If you placed a bet with the help of English PSL log standing, you can check coupon on supabets with this link.

Aleksander Čeferin claims UEFA is doing everything they can

The general rise of nationalism throughout the continent has fuelled some unacceptable behaviour and some have taken it upon themselves to think that a football crowd is a good place to give voice to their appalling views. As a governing body, I know we are not going to be popular but some of the views expressed about the UEFA’s approach to fighting racism are way off the mark. UEFA is in close cooperation with FARE (Football against racism Europe) network. We instituted a three-stage protocol for identifying and tackling racist behaviour during games.

UEFA’s sanctions are one of the toughest in the sport for clubs and associations whose supporters are racist at our matches. The minimum sanction means partial closure of stadium which is a move that costs the hosts at least hundreds of thousands in lost revenue, attaching a stigma to their supporters. UEFA is also the only football bod that will ban a player for ten matches for racist behaviour. That is the most severe punishment level that exists in the game. UEFA is committed to doing everything to eliminate this disease from football. They can’t afford themselves to be content with this as they strive to strengthen their resolve.

The entire football family, everyone from administration to players, coaches and fans need to work with governments and NGO’s to wage war on the racists. They need to marginalise their abhorrent views to the fringes of society. Football associations can’t solve this problem themselves. Government as well needs to do more in this area. Only if everyone works together in the name of decency and honour the progress will be made. Is this approach of Aleksander Čeferin enough to settle the situation? Let us know what you think in the comments below.