UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League is an annual football competition. As a matter of fact, this championship is in the organization of the European Football Association.

In this case, this is the competition between top European clubs. Not to mention that this is one of the prestigious tournament in Europe, but even in the world.

For example, here you can find all champions from the national league, but from some countries, it can bee one or two clubs.

In the beginning, this was the European Champion Clubs’ Cup. In fact, it starts like that in 1955. Today is more familiar as a European Cup.


In this case, only the national champions play this knockout tournament. However, the current name come in 1992.

From that time we got the group stage and multiple entrants from certain countries. Basically, from the strongest leagues, you can find even five clubs in this competition.

As a matter of fact, other teams that can’t participate in UEFA will play European League. And UEFA announced that from 2021 we will have European League 2.

In general, this will be a league for teams that can compete in the European League.

At this time the league starts late in June and it has two preliminary rounds, 4 knock qualifying rounds, and play-off.

Not to mention that all teams are in groups and you here you can find eight groups. The best from every group goes in the knockout phase till we come to the final match.


During the season 1955/56 was the first edition of the European cup. Under those circumstances, there were sixteen clubs. And one of them was Milan, Anderlecht, Partizan, Real Madrid, and others.

However, the first game was on 4 September 1955. In this game played Sporting CP and Partizan and the score was 3-3. Not to mention that the first goal in European Cup history scored Baptista.

In the meantime, the final match happens between Real Madrid and Stade de Remains. In this case, Real Madrid wins this game with a score of 4-3.

Next year the final game was again on Real Madrid stadium, and again they win the trophy. But only in this case on the opposite side was Fiorentina.

Not to mention that Real Madrid holds the record of the most titles in the row. In fact, they win all trophies till season 1960/61. In this season Barcelona moves them from the throne in the first round of the competition.

But they didn’t make to win a trophy. As a matter of fact, Benfica wins in this game 3-2. Even in the next season, Benfica took the trophy, in the final match they win against Real Madrid. In this case, they kept the title for a second season.

Similarly, as Real Madrid, Benfica wants to leave the trophy in their hands the same as Real for a couple of years. But Milan was better in season 1962/63 and they win against Benfica.

For three years trophy stayed in Milano, but the third time went in Inter. In that case, Inter wins against Benfica.


How important this league is, for sure a lot when she has its own anthem. The name of the anthem is a simple Champions League. In fact, this anthem is written by Tony Britten.

Basically, the anthem is almost as iconic as the trophy itself. However, you can hear the anthem before the match and at the beginning and at the end of every match on television. In any case, the anthem is 3 minutes long.

You can hear the special version only in the final game, and the lyrics are on the other languages, depend on the country where is the final.

Game format

From season 2009/10 some of the rules are changed. Since then you have a double round group stage with 32 teams.

For the team that is not qualified directly in the competition, you have two qualification streams.

Not to mention that every club that participates in Championship need to be licensed by its national association.

As a matter of fact, in the beginning, we have a group stage of 32 teams. They are split between eight UEFA champions league groups. However, teams from the same country can’t be in the same group. And each team in the group meets the others.

In this situation, the winning team and the second one goes in the next phase of the competition. But the third one goes to the European league. Even in this case, the clubs from the same nation can’t play one against others.

But in quarterfinals that’s change. Now the draw is totally coincidental. Also, the competition uses a system of goals. If two teams have the same number of points, then they look who score more goals.

At this point, the group phase is playing from September to December. But the knockout phase starts in February. However, the final match is playing somewhere in the two last weeks of May, or at the beginning of July.

UEFA champions league results

And now, let’s take a look at a little bit in history. Which team won the most of the tiles till now?

As a matter of fact, the best team for sure is Real Madrid. However, they win the title 13 times until now. And the last one in the season 2017/18 when they win against Liverpool in the final match.

Right in the second place is Milan but, in their case, the last time when they win this trophy was in the season 2006/07. But still, they win the title seven times.

Only one trophy less have Liverpool. As a matter of fact, they are the winner of the season 2018/19 when they win against Tottenham.

As a matter of fact, they play in the last UEFA Champions League final.
Not to mention that the UEFA Champions League final 2019 played in Madrid at the stadium Wanda Metropolitano.

The same numbers of trophies have big Barcelona and Bayern. In fact, in their hand, the title was five times till now. Last time Barcelona was the winner in the season 2010/11 when they win against Juventus and for Bayern was in season 2012/13. In this case, they win against Dortmund.

Not to mention that here you can find even more winners. As a matter of fact, one of them was Ajax, Juventus, Benfica, Porto, and others.

UEFA champions league draw procedure

However, for every part of this competition, you can see the draws. In fact, like that, they get the pairs for the match.

But how does the procedure goes? First of all, we need to mention that we have a couple of rounds here.

In fact, in the first place this is the preliminary round draw, then goes with first qualify round. After that, you can find the second qualify round, third qualify round, play-off, group stage, the round of 16, and at the end quarter-finals and semi-finals.

As a matter of fact, winners from the qualifying round goes in the first qualification round. In this round, we can find countries that are at the last places of the UEFA champions league table.

However, for every phase of the competition, you have a draw and only like that we can tell that this is fair. No one knows who will get who.

All-time stats

Every sport or player has some of the records. Some of the clubs are better than other ones.

As a matter of fact, the same thing is with the players. In fact, in every sport, we have players that are better than the other ones.

All in all, let’s find out what is the situation in UEFA. Who is the best player, who has the most played matches in their foot? We will find out everything.

First of all, let’s start with the players who have the most matches in this championship. As a matter of fact, in the first place is the goalkeeper Iker Casillas which is now on the goal of the Porto. In fact, he played 181 games in this league.

However, right after him is one and only Cristiano Ronaldo. The player that you love or hate. There is no middle. Above all, this Juventus player has 166 games in his feet in this championship.

At the same time, we can see which players scored most of the goals. As a matter of fact, in this case, this is Cristiano Ronaldo who has 127 goals till now.

Not to mention that he still plays and for sure this number will only rise in the future.

In the second place is Messi with 112 scored goals. However, people always like to talk about who is a better player from those two. But somehow they both have some good things.

Basically, the same situation is even with penalties. These two players are on the top of the list. As a matter of fact, Cristiano scored 16 goals and Messi 12 from the penalities.

Champions league fixtures

In this case, we look at UEFA Champions League fixtures, the new season in this Championship starts on June 25. Basically, the new season starts only 24 days after the final match.

However, before the play-offs, we will see the three qualification rounds which will bring some of the best teams.

As a matter of fact, the play-off phase will start on 17 September and it will end on 11 December.

And the final knockout phase will start on 18 February next year. Not to mention that the final game will be in Istanbul on 30 May 2020.

For sure one of the most important information is that we don’t know who will win the next trophy. But still, we know some of the teams that are waiting in the group stage.

In fact, that are clubs like Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern, Zenit, PSG, Manchester City, and the other one.

As can be seen in the last season we enjoyed amazing games. Not to mention that the final game was one great match.

As a matter of fact, in the final match, we can see the great game between Liverpool and Tottenham.

And the final score was 2-0 for Liverpool. But what can we expect from the next season we will need to wait to see. But for sure we will have the opportunity to enjoy the Soccer10 best games, amazing goals and even more.

Changes since 2024

However, some rumors say that in the couple years UEFA will change the Championship league.

As a matter of fact, these changes should be for the better. But for sure there will be skeptic ones.

Basically, all these changes could change the landscape of European football. And always this competition had only the best clubs. Will, that stay like this?

For example one of the main changes should be the day of the match. Now we can enjoy the games during the week. But since 2024 this could be on the weekend.

But how will this affect the national leagues when we all know that they are played at these days?

In any case, there will probably come to the changes in the qualification. For sure some of the changes will affect this part.

Basically, eight clubs which will be at the bottom of the first stage will go in the European league.

In fact, the changes will be in the groups too. Now we should have four groups with eight teams.

Right away this will increase the numbers of matches. Now teams are playing six games and since 2024 they should play 14.

Not to mention that all these rumors start right after a proposal of the European Super League. In this league should play only elite clubs.

Unfortunately, there is no official information about this subject. But you know how people say. If you can see the smoke, for sure there is a fire.

In any case, we can only wait to see what will happen. But for sure some changes will happen sooner or later.

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