TP Mazembe

TP Mazembe is a Congolese football club based in Lubumbashi and it is formerly known as Englebert. Their nickname is Les corbeaux which means ‘The Ravens’.

Tout Puissant Mazembe is among the most successful teams in Africa ever and they alone are among the major sports clubs in DR Congo. This club was founded already in 1939 by Benedictine monks of the order of Sanctimonious Saint.

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Congolese TP Mazembe

As shown above, The Ravens have been founded in 1939 by Benedictine monks of the order of Sanctimonious Saint who also directed the Holy Institute Boniface of Élisabethville. That particular institute was located in Lubumbashi. Above all, the club was created in order to separate the students from the ones who did not consecrate themselves to the priesthood. So, they decided to set up a football team and named it Saint Georges FC, after the patron of the Troop.


Mazembe managed to affiliate themselves directly into the first division of Royal Federation of the Native Athletic Associations which was founded by the Belgian King. Not to mention, that at the end of the season, Holy Georges ended in a 3rd place. Years later in 1944, they went on the road and changed their name to Saint Paul F.C. After few years, the incorporation of certain foreign elements in the Institute has forced the missionaries to abandon the club’s management. The team founded a new sponsor and they took a name F.C. Englebert by their sponsors which is a tire brand. After that, in 1966 they went undefeated in winning the first league title so the qualifier “Tout Puissant” was added in their club’s name. It means ‘Allmighty’.

In June of the year 1960, the independence of Congo was declared and Englebert restructured itself. Few years after, in 1966, they realized the treble of national Championship, Coupe du Congo and Katanga Cup. However, in the 1970s the club fell apart and after 18 years of absence, it was finally back to scene thanks to governor Moïse Katumbi Chapwe.

TP Mazembe in the 2000s

To begin with, this club was many years inactive and finally got back to life after 18 years. However, despite all of it, the club really started to work on their image. From 2000s they rose a bit and slowly gathered more and more fans who gladly followed their every step. In November of 2009, they won the CAF Champions League against Heartland by winning on the away goals rule, even though the result was 2-2.

This win automatically qualified them for the 2009 FIFA Club World Cup. They lost in their first match of quarter-finals to Pohang Steelers from South Korea even though they took the lead in the first half. After losing to Auckland City 3-2 in the match of fifth place, they finished this tournament in the 6th place. In 20120 they returned to the 2010 CAF Champions League and in December of the same year, they became the first African side to contest in final of FIFA Club World Cup. They have also defeated Pachuca od Mexico 1-0 in quarter-finals and Internacional from Brazil 2-0 in semi-finals. In 18th December, in finals, they were defeated 3-‘ by Internazionale.

Later in 2015, they secured their fifth title in the competition after they managed to defeat U SM Alger of Algeria 4-1 aggregate in the CAF Champions League finals. This club has won 24 titles at a national level and 11 on the international level since 1966. At this point, Daring Club Motema Pembe is the most successful in DRC with 35 titles won but Mazembe is just behind.

Players of TP Mazembe

In order to understand how the team works and to be able to make a good prediction, you need to know the players. Certainly, there is a lot of transfers and every club frequently changes players but specifically for that reason, you need to stay tuned. Don’t miss the news about the transfer and your predictions will be correct. Now that said, let’s get to know the presently team members.

The three goalkeepers are Sylvain Gbohouo, Ibrahim Mounkoro and Aimé Bakula. Their two defenders are Franck Zouzou and Kino Mwelwa. The Mazembe’s Centre back players are Kabaso Chongo, Joël Kimwaki, El Jireh Nsingani, Tandi Mwape and Kévin Mondeko. Kilitcho Kasusula, Joseph Ochaya and Arsène Zola are the Left back players of the club. The two right back players are Issama Mpeko and Godet Masengo. After that, there are the midfielders; Christ Kisangala, Nana Kwesi, Eddy Luanyi and Abbas Najeeb. The presently defensive midfielders are Jean Vital Ourega and Christian Kouamé Koffi. After that, there are the central midfielders Lamisha Musonda, Doxa Gikanji and Miché Mika. The two of the club’s attacking midfielders are Torric Jebrin and Glody Likonza. Rainford Kalaba and Moussa Abagana are left-wingers while Patou Kabangu, Meschack Elia and Trésor Mukenga are right-wingers.

Trésor Mputu is the second striker, and the rest of the players are centre forwards. Those are Jacques Bessan, Jackson Muleka, Robert Mbelu, Chico Ushindi, Eliud Ambokile, Elvia Ipamy and Japhte Kitambala. Now that said, you can finally get down to business and predict their next move. If betting on football is your thing, you will find much useful info on Soccer 10.

TP Mazembe transfermarkt

Before you decide to follow the transfer news you need to know all the players. Only like that, you will know if the transfer is a good one or a bad one. Now, when you know that, let’s move on the last transfer news in The Ravens.

As can be seen in this transfer period eight players joined in The Ravens, and only three of them went to the other clubs. In the first place, Torric Jerbin came from El Masry. In the last season, he started for this club, but he decides to terminate his contract. And now he will play for the Ravens.

On the other hand, Tandi Mwape came from Kabwe Warriors. For sure he is one of Zambia’s most successful prospects. But, here you can find more transfers, and some of them are Eliud Ambokile, Jacques Bessan, Jean Vital Ourega, Franck Zouzou, Elvia Ipamy, Japhte Kitambala.

Now that we know who came to the club, let’s find out the players who left the club. Luckily, in this season transfer, they had much less of them. In fact, only the three of them. In the first place, they sell Abdoulaye Sissoko. As a matter of fact, in the next season, he will play for Moghreb Tetouan. And two other players who leave the club are Ben Malango and Deo Kanda. In fact, the first one will play for Raja Casablanca and the second one for Simba SC.

Before the end of the transfer period, we have a couple of days, and maybe we will see more transfers. Maybe not in this club, but for sure it will be interesting.


To begin with, on April 29th of the year 2010, they finally started to work on their new stadium. They decided to build a new stadium in the place where the stadium Mwanke stood. Everything was calculated to the very last bit and they used artificial grass of highest quality which would allow them to play during the entire year.

After more than two years they played the first match on the artificial turf. However, that artificial field offered them many advantages like efficient drainage of water. Finally, this complex got a name from the name of the club. Only a few clubs in Africa can tell that they have their own stadium, designed according to the most demanding FIFA standards. Not to mention, this stadium could be meaningful for tourism as fans will be able to watch their favourite club in their own luxurious stadium. There were 264 projectors installed on four metal masts over 40 meters high and lighting will allow night meetings in perfect visibility.

The first game on this new stadium was played on July 12, 2012. And in this match, the home team won. Not to mention that this stadium has a capacity of 18,500 spectators. For sure in the future, we will see a huge number of matches in this stadium. Above all, this will be the perfect place for high class and business leaders with all the comforts required, with fluffy sofas, catering service, in front of flat screens and in a decorated and air-conditioned space.

Club Records

To begin with, you probably know that this club is highly successful and not only on a domestic level but in international as well. They have won 24 national titles and 11 on international basis. In detail, from national competitions, they won in Linafoot, Coupe Du Congo and DR Congo Super Cup. In Linafoot they were champions 17 times throughout the years, in Coupe Du Congo they won the title 5 and in DR Congo Super Cup they won 3 titles.

Now that said, let’s move on to the international titles they won. In the African Cup of Champions Clubs/ CAF Champions League, they managed to win 5 titles altogether. After that, there is the CAF Confederation Cup where they won 2 times. In CAF Super Cup they won 3 titles and in African Cup Winner’s Cup, they were champions back in the 1980s. In 2010, they ended as a runner up in FIFA Club World Cup which also represented their biggest improvement of all times. They were the first African side to contest the final of the FIFA Club World Cup.

When it comes to their performance in CAF Champions League, you can see that they had 23 appearances from which they managed to win 5. In the 1960s until 1970s they triumphed with victories but after that, everything settled down. Until 2010 they didn’t move from the spot and finally, in that year tables have turned and they started winning championships. In general, their best results are mostly those which date a few years back. They changed their energy, management and everything and it seems that they found a perfect combination for victory.


The new season just started. And every team played some of the matches. For sure, if we look at their last games, they can be satisfied. As a matter of fact, in the last two games, they won with a lot of goals. However, their first match in the new season was on August 20 and in that match, they played against Bukavu Dawa. And in that match, they won with a score of 6-0.

The last match was on August 25. And in that match, they played against Simba. As can be seen, even in this match they won. In fact, the score was 4-1. They couldn’t have a better start for the new season. A huge number of goals, the first position on the table. And if the morning shows how the day will be then for sure they will show us an amazing show.

Now we will need to look at their calendar, just to find out what will come next. In front of them, we can see so many matches, and for sure it will not be an easy job to win them all. But now when they show us that they are not afraid to play. Well, we can expect a lot of things from them.

As a matter of fact, their next match is September 1, and in this match, they will play against AS Vita Club. For sure this match will not be an easy one, because they show us that they know how to play. But guess what, the season just started and everything is possible.