Tottenham Hotspur in the hunt for a new manager

Tottenham Hotspur is seeking a new manager, currently setting their eyes on Carlo Ancelotti. The future of Mauricio Pochettino is still unclear while Spurs is browsing around. Spurs are allegedly already making plans for Pochettino’s exit. However, the club is suggesting that it would be impossible for the Argentinian to see out of the season.

Hotspur will maybe give him some time and put him to the test to see if he is getting closer to the brink. Saturday’s clash with West Ham will probably not be seen as a make or break. However, it is not a good sign that the club is looking out and thinking about replacements.

Tottenham Hotspur already has eyes on another manager

Julian Nagelsmann, Eddie Howe and Ancelotti are all currently under the Tottenham Hotspur’s radar. It is a fact that any of these three men would mean reaching for a big chunk from the budget. If Spurs considers taking them in, they will spend a hefty amount but judging by their performance so far, they are worth it.

It won’t be easy for Spurs to replace Mauricio Pochettino. He enjoyed a fantastic tenure, earning his way to be remembered as one of the most important managers in this club of all time. Nagelsmann or Howe could be great options for Spurs now. They attracted the kind of plaudits that Pochettino got back when he was at Southampton. It is not difficult to see why Daniel Levy is particularly interested in those two.


Ancelotti will probably not be the long-term solution for the Spurs team. He didn’t spend even two years in any of the clubs since leaving AC Milan in 2009. However, his records are suggesting that he could make an immediate impact on the team. The Italian manager won Serie A, the Premier League, three Champions League titles and Bundesliga. He was the one who delivered when Real Madrid was desperate for La Decima.

He isn’t the kind of manager that will stick to the club and grow with them but he does his job. Ancelotti might be exactly what Tottenham Hotspur needs to get back on track. Check betway mobile app before next fixture. Soccer 10 tips and predictions will help you to get the best jackpot.