There is no sport in Italy until April 3, Serie A aborted to

Sports events at all levels in Italy has been suspended until April 3, due to a coronavirus. This information came from the Olympic Committee. All this includes all Serie A football matches. Their clubs can play matches in international competitions.

The last Serie A matches were played without spectators, and without shaking hands between players and referees. Until now in Serie A is played 26 rounds, with 12 left. They will have a lot of problems to finish the competition before preparations for Euro 2020. Euro will start in June.

Until now they didn’t have a situation like this, and they need to take care of everyone. Firstly this information came from the Olympic Committee, and later this information was confirmed by the Italian government. Since Monday, the whole of Italy is in quarantine.

From all European countries, in Italy is the worst situation. Until now they have more than 7000 confirmed cases of infection and more than 400 people died from this virus.


Caputo sent a message to Serie A fans and players

Sassuolo and Brescia played the Serie A Round 26 game under the empty stands. In this game, the home side won 3-0 lightly. Hero of this match was Francesco Caputo, who scored two goals and celebrated the first goal in a specific way.

As we write before, recent matches were played without spectators because of coronavirus. All this epidemic paralyzed Italy. Right now the situation in Italy is terrible. For that reason, after the first goal, Caputo shows one paper with a note: “Everything will be fine, stay in the houses.”

He wants to calm the public in Italy because we can see a lot of panic between people. For sure this situation is not ideal, but they need to make everything in their power to calm the situation.

Serie A is one of the most popular leagues in the world with great Betway results. But right now they will need to find a way to finish this season before Euro 2020. This will be a hard job because they will lose almost a month this season.