The sex scandal is the reason for Tottenham ‘s disgrace?

Tough 15 days for Tottenham. Right now they are on the sixth position in the Premiership with ten points less than the leader Liverpool. They were relegated in the League Cup and now they are defeated in Champions League form Bayern. The final score in this game was 2-7 for Bayern.

Former Arsenal player Serge Gnabry scored four goals for Tottenham in the historic victory of German champion. Tottenham became the first English team that received seven goals in European competitions, since July 1995.

After the game, the coach didn’t have to much to say. He was very disappointed, but he mentions that they need to get out of this situation. This will be a hard job. However, Tottenham has problems on the field but also outside.

What happens outside the Tottenham field?

According to English media, defender Jan Vertonghen got involved with Christian Eriksen‘s wife, causing a real scandal in the locker room. Harry Kane allegedly dealt with the defender and struck him. Vertonghen contract expires at the end of the season, just like Eriksen’s.


All of this is reminiscent of the famous situation at Chelsea when Vanessa Perroncel cheated on her husband Wayne Bridge with his teammate John Terry. There is also an example of Maura Icardi, he steals a wife from a team friend. Today he is married to her while she is his manager.

The split at Tottenham could end up with chasing some players out. But also coach Pochettino could leave the club. If Zinedine Zidane will be fired from the Real Madrid bench, he is looking like the best replacement for him.

Until now Real Madrid is in the first place in La Liga after seven rounds, but also the last, fourth place in Group A of the Champions League with only one point. They have the same number of points as Galatasaray. In this group, PSG is in the first position with six points while Club Brugge is in the second position with two points.

What will happen in the future with Tottenham? We can only wait to see. But be sure that you will find all the information on Soccer10.