The English Premier League continues but with new rules

The English Premier League should resume in a month after a vote is held on Monday over the clubs ’return to competition. The clubs are expected to finish the season after that meeting and play the remaining matches. The matches will be played on neutral fields. The interval between matches will be shorter so that all matches can be played until the end of August. The plan is to introduce the fifth change to help the players as much as possible. It is important to prepare the players so that they can get used to the new conditions.

At the time of the break, Liverpool was first with 25 points more than Manchester City. It takes two wins to win the title. It would be the first time in 30 years. The English Football League has been halted due to a pandemic that has gripped the entire world.

There are currently several clubs at the top of the rankings that can win titles. With 92 games left everything is still uncertain, although Liverpool has the best chances for the title. Thanks to excellent soccer 10 predictions Liverpool is well on its way to making history. Unlike the Jurgen Klopp team, other clubs are facing a fight for European seats. And some of them have to fight not to be relegated from the first football league.

When will the English Premier League resume

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After the meeting of the 1st of May, it was pointed out that the Premier League will continue only when the government allows it. The situation is changing from day to day so the date of continuation is not yet 100% confirmed. Despite this, the Premier League leadership is determined to continue the season and avoid the French scenario. Their idea is to continue the championship on the 8th of June.


The health of players, coaches, other staff, and fans should come first. To begin with, training will be organized, followed by playing with government guidelines. It is necessary to listen to the recommendations of the professional medical team.

New information is expected next week when we will know more. It is important to allow normal conditions that everything is organized without the danger of launching a second wave of epidemics. All clubs agreed the season should continue and the winner should be decided on the field, not on paper.