The draw of the UEFA Nations League

Yesterday we can enjoy the draw of the UEFA Nations League. This season, the competition system is changing so there will be four groups in each league, except in league D where there will be only two groups. In the last strong group are the teams that finished last season on the last place in the groups.

In the new season, we will see many more matches. UEFA Nations League will be played in three cycles, with two rounds each. The first cycle is scheduled for September 3-8, the second for October 8-13, and the third for November 12-17.

The winners of League A groups will play the final tournament on June 2-6, 2021. One of the countries participating in the final tournament will be the host of the finale. Last season the champion was Portugal, who was better than Netherlands, England, and Switzerland.

UEFA Nations League has a connection with the World Cup

The additional qualifications for this year’s Euro were complemented by the national teams from the UEFA Nations League. Almost the same case will be with the qualifications for the 2022 World Cup.


In Qatar, we will see ten teams who will be the winners of group stages, and the other ten teams will play in the additional qualifications. To them, they will join two the best winners of the UEFA Nations League groups who have not already qualified for the World Cup through qualifications or who have advanced to qualification as runners-up.


League A

Group 1: Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Group 2: Belgium, England, Iceland, Denmark

Group 3: France, Portugal, Croatia, Sweden

Group 4: Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Ukraine

League B

Group 1: Norway, Austria, Romania, Northern Ireland

Group 2: Scotland, Czech Republic, Israel, Slovakia

Group 3: Serbia, Russia, Hungary, Turkey

Group 4: Finland, Wales, Bulgaria, Republic of Ireland

League C

Group 1: Cyprus, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Luxembourg

Group 2: North Macedonia, Georgia, Armenia, Estonia

Group 3: Kosovo, Greece, Moldova, Slovenia,

Group 4: Belarus, Albania, Kazakhstan, Lithuania

League D

Group 1: Latvia, Faroe Islands, Malta, Andorra

Group 2: Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, San Marino

For sure if we compare the groups, one of the strongest groups is group c in the League A. Here we can find France who is World Cup winner, Croatia was on the second place on the same tournament, and Portugal who is the winner of the last UEFA European Championship and the last UEFA Nations League. These matches will bring us great Soccer10 results.