The clash between European football chiefs

The heads of two of European football leading bodies had an argument on Tuesday over their different perspectives regarding the future of club competitions. Andreas Agnelli, the Juventus’ chairman and president of the ECA (European Clubs Association), worked over plans to revamp the European club competition.

He introduced a third-tier beneath the Europa League and encouraged a system of promotion through the pyramid, based solely on the performance in Europe, not counting the domestic results. His argument is based on the fact that European elite clubs will automatically qualify regardless of the system in place. The teams like Leicester and Celtic would benefit from being able to grow and develop within European competition rather than risk missing out because of domestic performance or having to play qualifiers every year due to lower coefficient.

European football revamp won’t realize until 2024

Whatever changes are brought, I don’t think they will change the present situation and participation of teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or PSG. I think what is really important is creating a system that a team like Leicester if they do qualify and enter the system, can grow with it and not just be of domestic relevance. That is what we need to pay attention to.”

“What is happening today, unless you are a part of the 12 or 15 teams that participate every year, participating in European competition is not just winning the lottery but the nex axis to a progressive system. It allows you to grow and potentially turn your brand into a global brand.” – Agnelli stated.


The chairman of the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (European Leagues), Lars-Christer Olsson, believes that the qualification for European club competitions should be based on domestic performance, on a season-by-season basis. The European Leagues don’t believe that the ECA’s proposal would have an effect and would cause the ‘closed league’.

Both of them were speaking at the Leaders in Sports Business Summit in London. The plans are under discussion and will not come into effect until 2024 when the current international cycle of competition ends. Check the soccer 10 tips and predictions if you want to place your bet. Betway offices in South Africa will help you to realize your win.