The Buccaneers’ mentor: I can’t control the critics?

The Buccaneers coach Rhulani Mokwena has a mission to grow as a coach. He doesn’t have control over what his critics say about him. Until now they have a poor season. The trainer is the first person that everyone will criticize. But he is loved at his club, for him that is important.

After the last match critics about his coaching are bigger than before. In this game, the Rhulani squad was defeated 4-3. Mokwena replaced former trainer Micho who left the club in August. From that time he only bagged a single win. With this win, he has two draws and one defeat.

The game against Wits was a big test for them. It’s was an opportunity for them to prove that they are the best. Are they? If we look at the PSL log, isn’t look like this. They can’t be satisfied with the tenth position on the table.

The Buccaneers’ mentor is unfazed with critics

After the last post-match interview Buccaneers trainer said that he can’t control what people say about him. Everyone has their own opinion. He is focused to be a better coach every single day. For him, the most important thing is that his squad knows how hard he works. The only thing that he can control is his work. Besides, coaching is a very lonely job. He needs to learn that very quickly.


Only like that, he will learn when it’s the right time for wins. Then you will be right as a coach. When you lose, you are wrong as a coach. They are improving. From game to the game they become better.

He doesn’t have a tension to control what people say or thing. For him, the main focus is his club. It’s always easy for critics to pint the finger at the trainer. He has a big support form the supporter. Maybe he will be in a coaching position for a long time. But for him is important to give 100% in every workday, to serve the club with dignity.

It’s not an easy job to be a young coach. But every day is fighting, learning to be better in every single way. For that reason, we will follow this story in the future. Maybe we will see some changes. But be sure that all the information you will find on Soccer10. Your favorite place with sports news in one place.