Sundowns vs Kaizer Chiefs

Mamelodi Sundowns

Mamelodi Sundowns vs Kaizer Chiefs … Who will win? Mamelodi Sundowns will play next month twice against the Kaizer Chiefs. Furthermore, it will be an opportunity to finally see who is better and whose players will show more talent. The Masandawana and Glamor Boys will face the 12th of October in the Shell Helix Ultra Cup. More information with time on Soccer 10.

The organizers yesterday confirmed that the game in the tournament will be in the standard format. Sundowns will play against the Chiefs at the end of the month in the Absa Premiership. Jacques Grobbelaar SMSA Tournament Chairman described the match as a clash where it will be difficult to predict which team will win. Finally, the Ultra Shell Helix Ultra Cup represents an eternal rivalry between Masandawan and Amakhosi.

The creation of a new annual fixture allows fans to see the best talent in South Africa at the FNB Stadium. Working with Shell Helix will allow fans to feel the incredible experience of fighting between two great teams in football.

Mamelodi Sundowns vs Kaizer Chiefs – 2019 SMSA Tournament

The first of all organizers confirmed that the famous match will be at 4 pm. Shell Downstream South is the main sponsor while the holder of the tournament is SMSA Pty. Furthermore Pty Ltd is happy to allow everyone to see the match between Kaizer Chiefs and Mamelodi Sundowns at FNB Stadium once again. The 2018 Shell Helix Ultra Cup brought a lot of joy to Mamelodi Sundowns as it was they who won the cup. It is not yet known who will be this year, though the Kaizer Chiefs hope it will be them since they have a strong squad.


Mamelodi Sundowns vs Kaizer Chiefs … Who will win the event? Will it be South African football club Mamelodi playing in the Premier Soccer League and winning the title nine times in a row or the Kaizer Chiefs? The Kaizer Chiefs Football Club has a long tradition of playing. They are situated in the city of Johannesburg. The players who play for the club are also known as Amakhosi, in other words, chiefs. So who will be the winner, obviously time will tell. This is going to be an exciting season which will in the end show PSL results.