Stellenbosch Want To Take Advantage Of Pirates Support

On the weekend Stellenbosch FC will host Orlando Pirates at the Cape Town Stadium. Everyone can expect that Orlando Pirates fans will come on this match in a huge number.

Even though Stellenbosch FC is home team, there is no doubt that Bucs will have bigger support in this match. Everyone can see that all three clubs from Gauteng have big support of fans. In this game, Stellenbosch FC is thinking about making history. One good story with swapping positions with Orlando Pirates on the PSL log.

What plan Stellenbosch has?

Right now Orlando Pirates is on the eight positions, while Stellenbosch is on 14th position. But these two teams are three points difference. If Stellies win in this game they will have the same number of points. Coach Steve Barker spoke for the media, in one moment he starts to speak how he can use the Pirates support against them on the match day.

They need to use all support. All support will be behind them, but this needs to trigger things in your emotions. This support is the only wind in back, great motivation for the game. Motivation to prove that Stellies can play. But for sure they will need to lift their level of playing if they want to win.


Every player loves to play in front of a crowd. In many cases, they don’t have too many spectators in the game. So, for them, this is an ideal way to play in these conditions.

This is a great occasion for players to show their ability in front of all these fans. Maybe they will have a lot of fans, but this will not be away game for Stellies, Cape Town is their home.

One thing is clear, Stellenbosch needs to take some points. This match is just one step in their direction. But Orlando Pirates want to be better in this season, they want to have a better position on the table.

For sure in this game, all pressure is on Orlando Pirates. They need to win, and I would bet on Betway South Africa App that they will withstand the pressure. They will play the second time this week, in the first game Pirates won. Everyone is expecting the same thing in this game.