Spurs are in problems, Pochettino on the verge of being fired

Tottenham is in a big crisis. The London club lost again from Brighton 3-0 as a part of the first match of the 8th round of the English Premiership. This was the fourth defeat in the last five games. After being eliminated from Colchester in the League Cup, big defeat from Bayern at home in the Champions League, now Mauricio Pochettino has experienced another dive.

In the last couple of weeks, we can only read about problems in the club. Some rumors said that their players fight in the locker room. For sure all this affects a lot on the team. If all this is true, is not awkward that they play as they play.

What will happen with Pochettino?

In the last game, the home side scored a goal in the third minute, after Hugo Lloris’s clumsy reaction. They got an early goal, but this wasn’t enough for them. The French goalkeeper fell awkwardly. But the Brighton striker Neal Maupay took advantage of this situation for scoring the goal.

No one didn’t know that at this moment goalkeeper’s arm was broken. Lloris was immediately taken out of the field on a stretcher. The doctor even needs to give him oxygen. He was replaced by backup goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga. This was his first play, but he didn’t have a lot of luck in this game.


He received one not-so-dangerous shot, clumsy, Aaron Conolly got this ball and score the goal. This goal was for a 2-0 lead. Tottenham’s complete breakup come in the 65th minute when Aaron scored his second goal in the match.

For sure young Tottenham’s goalkeeper will not remember his debut for a great performance. After the game Pochettino said that football is the game where you sometimes win, sometimes you lose.

For sure in the future club will make some changes at this position. But he isn’t scared of life or football. In football you need to be strong, brave, sometimes make some decisions when things are not so good.

Right now they need to work on negative things. Only like that, they can fix them. It’s clear whats Pochettino wants, but the main question is what Tottenham wants? Some bad period is behind them, now is time to get their heads back together. Soccer10 will follow this situation.