Soccer 10 tips and predictions≫ 2021-2022

Welcome to Soccer 10! Enjoy in news, results, betting tips and predictions. We offer the latest updates on your favourite African soccer clubs from the Premier Soccer League and CAF Championships. Don’t worry to miss out on important world-wide news as we will cover the most important from European Championships. You will hear the most important from UEFA Champions League, La Liga and everything else a real soccer fan doesn’t want to miss.

Soccer 10 tips: How to play?

Soccer 10 is a traditional type of betting game in South Africa. In this game, the punter needs to predict the outcomes of 10 scheduled soccer matches designated in the official fixtures card for each event. The pool is covering the leagues from all around the world.

This game is just like soccer 6 but with 10 matches and you can play it with a single or multiple entries. With one entry, players can choose only one option for each match and with multiple, there can be more than one option. The matches are labelled as M1, M2, M3 up to M10. For example, you can use two options in M1, three in M2 and one in each M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9 and M10. It will add up to 2x3x1x1x1x1x1x1x1x1=6.

It will be six combinations and now, with this number you can know the cost of your bet. If your bet is, let’s say R2, your final amount will be R2x6=12. The result of all matches in Soccer 10 will be only the final scores(with injury time involved) at the end of the 90-minute game. Extra times and penalty shootouts won’t be taken into account. There are three possible outcomes and those are Team A wins, Team B wins or draw.

Pools and matches

There are many pools such as soccer 4 or soccer 6. There is even soccer 13. However, we will focus on Soccer 10 as the same rules pretty much imply to all of them. After you win, the service provider will declare a dividend which will be based on official results of the matches. If a match starts earlier than the pool is closed, all possible results and combinations will be applied as the final result. Now, any player that gets all of the matches right will receive 80% of the pool and if you get 9 right – you get 20%. In case you don’t win the 80%, it will be carried to the 80% portion of a selected pool.

If you don’t get any forecasts right for nine matches, then the 20% portion of the pool will be transferred to the 80% portion of a selected soccer 10 pool. When a match or matches are nor completed by 9 a.m. on the day after the last day (when matches in the pool are taking place), all of the possible choices will apply as a final result. Make sure you have all your choices straightened out before the matches are scheduled. All the rules will be specified by the service provider or in other words, the bookmaker. Rely on the data they provide for deadlines and similar issues. If for any reason, all matches in the fixture get abandoned, you have a right for a refund

Soccer 10 predictions for today

Soccer 10 offers constant updates on the latest occurrences in the soccer world. Follow the news for updates on the Premier Soccer League, CAF Championship, UEFA and more. We can’t possibly cover every single event that is taking place but we are covering the most important from South Africa and other big leagues.

There are other methods you can make soccer 10 predictions by yourself. However, you need to keep track of every game and take notes on the teams’ performance. If you see the approach and strategy, you can get a pretty good assumption on the outcome.

You can also read the possible outcome out of betting odds – if the odds are bigger, it is less likely for a team to win and opposite.

Soccer 10 tips guide

Every start is difficult so we will do our best to make you feel welcome and understand all the rules. We will start simple. There are few things every punter needs to do before placing a bet;

  • Don’t wager a big amount. Make sure you can afford this bet and won’t be in a bad financial situation if you lose this bet.
  • Make your weekly budget you can spend on bets. Be very frugal with this and keep within the budget you have set.
  • Don’t forget about the fixture list. You need to prepare yourself somehow for every bet. Get informed before every bet you place, especially the one which promises a hefty award.
  • Compare the odds between bookmakers. Not every bookmaker offers the same odds. For that reason, check the offer before placing the bet in the first place you see.

Premier Soccer League and CAF Championship

Premier Soccer League or in short, PSL is a national sports association responsible for two divisions; National First Division and South African Premier Division. It is one of the most-watched championships in Africa.

CAF Championship is just next to it. CAF is an annual football competition which is run by the Confederation of African Football. It is an equivalent to the UEFA and winner gets a berth for FIFA Club World Cup. We will follow your favourite team’s progress throughout the year.

On Soccer 10, you will be able to reach the daily news and get all the information a punter needs. If you aren’t that into betting, you can still just enjoy our news.

We offer updates on the latest events in the Premier Soccer League; Kaizer Chiefs, Orlando Pirates, Mamelodi Sundowns, Stelenbosch FC, AmaZulu and others. Before every upcoming match, you can expect predictions. The same goes for CAF Championship.

Europe and UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League or European Cup is an annual competition with top-division clubs from Europe. It is one of the most prestigious tournaments and followed across the globe. Naturally, some clubs have their fans in Africa as well. For that reason, we won’t hesitate to share the important events from part of the world.

We will cover other European football competitions as well, like the FIFA World Cup, Europa League and others. Africa also has a big market for betting on European clubs and players so we also provide predictions and tips before matches. Of course, it is impossible to cover the entire market but our focus is on the biggest clubs and most popular Leagues

Learn how to play the soccer 10 betting game after you prepare your fixtures. You can combine the Soccer 10 tips and bet predictions you got with the help of our news – and make bets with great odds!