Sevilla FC is the oldest Spanish sporting club, and his only focus is football. As a matter of fact, his base is in Seville. Seville is the capital and the largest city of Andalusia.

However, they play in La Liga League. In fact, this is the Spanish top league. Finally, on 25 January 1890, the club was formed. And a couple of years later the club was registered in the Civil Government of Seville.

All things considered, they are the most successful club in Andalusia. Not to mention that the International Federation of Football History & Statistics declared them as the World’s best club in 2006 and 2007. They were the first club that won this title for two years in a row.

As a matter of fact, in 1958, they founded a youth team. Today this team is playing in Segunda Division B, but with this team, they have women’s team, futsal team, and former Superleague Formula team.


As can be seen, all their home matches they play on stadium Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. This stadium got a name from their president of the club who was in this position for 17 years. On the other hand, a huge number of their players play in the Spain national team. But if you want to find out more then you need to visit Soccer 10, because I would bet that here you can find more information.

History from foundation to Civil War

As we mention this club was founded on 25 January 1890. However, you can find a club founding document published in Dundee Courier’s edition. Besides a founding day, you can find all the details of the formatting of the club.

During this first period, their first president was Scot Mr. Edward Farquharson Johnston. However, their first football match was on 8 March 1890. As can be seen, they win in this match. In fact, their player scores the first goal in their history.

Besides, the home of the first secretary was the first home of this club. In fact, this house still exists but today looks a little bit different. As can be seen, this club is the oldest in the city and like that they impose their supremacy over other clubs. Specifically in this early period.
For the first time in their history, they participated in the Copa de Espana in 1918. and at that time they become the first Andalusian team who played in the first round of the competition.

Finally, in the season 1933/34, they start to play in the Primera Division. As a matter of fact, in all their history they played 74 seasons in the first division and only 13 seasons in the second division. But they were never played under that.

Of course, if we look in history they have teams in a variety of other sports. Some of them are basketball, rugby, rowing, athletics and even more of them. Indeed, we need to mention their stadium, the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. This stadium was opened in 1958 and it is one of the largest stadiums in Spain.

First successes

Finally, they have their first big success in season 1945/46. As a matter of fact, in this season they won La Liga title. But before that, they won two titles of Copa del Rey.

Under those circumstances in 1941 president Pizjuan leaves the club. But only because he becomes president of the Spanish Football Federation. For sure we need to mention that the most significant transfer of that time was Spanish international striker Juan Arza. Suddenly, in 1956, their old president dies. At this moment fans decide that the new stadium will have a name in his honor.

Only a couple of months later they start to build a new stadium. And he was finally finished in 1958. The first official match on the new stadium was played on the first day in the season 1958/59.

But, in the 70s they need to sell their top players because they need to pay all the debts which they got with building a new stadium. As a matter of fact, they even need to sell part of the adjacent land of the stadium.

In season 1967/68 they returned in the second division, and that was the first time after 31 years. But only after one season they come back in the first division. In this case, in season 1994/95 they were relegated from the top league because of administration. But this decision provoke the action from fans, and they were reinstated to La Liga.

Afterward, they have instability in the club. In fact, they change a huge number of presidents and menageries. But at the beginning of the 21st-century position of the club president took the popular Roberto Ales.

21st-century success

As can be seen in the 21st century in season 2003/04 and 2004/06 they play in UEFA Europa Cup. And in 2006 in the final game of the UEFA Cup, they won. And this was their first European triumph.


Even the season 2006/07 had a great start. As a matter of fact, they win in UEFA Super Cup. Indeed, this match wasn’t easy, specifically if we know that they play against Barcelona. And they can’t have a better end of the season. In fact, for the second time in a row, they won the UEFA Cup.

Not to mention that in 2007 they won Copa del Rey. The final match was against Getafe, and they win in this match. But this season started with a tragedy. In fact, their player got a heart attack and after three days he died. Unfortunately, this season wasn’t so great this season.

In the following seasons, they played nice football, and they won a couple of trophies. But still all that wasn’t so good. Not to mention that for the next season they decide to have a new manager. As a matter of fact, he signed a contract for the next three years. So, today they are one of the best clubs in Spain. But, still, they can make a lot of improvements and try to become the best club.

Players and records

Dani Alves

Shortly, every club in the world has some records. Not to mention that all they have some players which everyone will remember. In the first place, we need to mention Jose Maria Busto.

However, he played for this team in 16 seasons. But in all that time he only won one league title. On the other hand, we need to mention Dani Alves. As can be seen, he was six years in this club and with them, he won two UEFA Cup.

Of course, we can’t forget to mention Davor Suker. He was one of their best scorers. As a matter of fact, for them, he scores 91 goals. On the other hand, the best scorer was Campana. In fact, he scores 218 goals in his career.

But If we want to look who has the most appearances then for sure this is Jesus Navas. In fact, he played for this team 437 matches. Right after him is Juan Arza with 414 matches.

On the other hand, if we look a little bit in this club records. We need to mention that their biggest win was 11-1. And that match was against Barcelona. In any case, their biggest defeat was 8-0. In this case, they were defeated with the same score from two teams, Real Madrid and Valencia.

Sevilla FC transfers

Every year brings us some of the transfers. As a matter of fact, big clubs can invest more money than the other ones in the players. For that reason, if we look at this club, then we can see a little difference. In fact, they spend money on the players, but not that much as Real Madrid will, or some other big club.

Now, let’s take a look at transfers Sevilla FC 2019. What can we hear in the rumors and what is the truth? Well, in this case, they buy a couple of players. As can be seen, they buy Jules Kounde for €25 million. With the same amount of money, they buy Rony Lopes. From RB Salzburg they buy Munas Dabbur for €17 million. In general, they buy more players, but until now those are the most expensive ones.

On the other hand, if we look at players that they sell we need to mention a couple of them. As a matter of fact, they sell Wissam Ben Yedder for €40 million and in the next season, he will play in Monaco. On the other hand, they sell Pablo Sarabia for €18 million. And in the next season, he will play for PSG.

These transfers are not the only one, but for sure are most important. In any case, until the end of the transfer period, we have a couple of days. For sure we will see a couple of transfers. Maybe not in this club, but for sure it will be interesting.


Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan

In the beginning, Sevilla Fútbol Club home matches played on different locations all around the city. But in 1954 they start to build their official stadium. Only four years later they have a new stadium. Once when they finish the stadium he has a capacity of 70 000 spectators.

But in the following years, they need to make some changes and they need to reduce the capacity of the stadium. For that reason now they have the capacity of 42,714 spectators. Today in the stadium you can find their official store, club museum, trophy cabinet, club’s media.

Sevilla FC calendar

We are all waiting for a new season. And now when she finally started we can enjoy in the great matches. Not to mention that already they played some matches. All in all, in the last five matches they have three wins, one draw, and only one defeat.

For that reason, they are at the top of the table. As a matter of fact, is good to mention that they are in front of Real Madrid. The only problem is because the season just started and until the end, everything can be changed.

For sure the great thing for them is that they have easy matches at the start of the season. The first big test they will have on 22 September when they will play against big Real Madrid. As a matter of fact, this will be a great match for sure.

And we need to mention that their next match is 30 August where they will play against Celta Vigo. In any case, the season just started, but already we can see some things. On the other hand, some other competitions need to start. We will have so many great matches to enjoy. And maybe we will see some surprises. Who knows?

Sevilla FC news

In case we want to know how they play in the last game, or you want to look at some other information then for sure it is good to track the latest news or Sevilla FC forum.

However, they open the new season with a win. As a matter of fact in that game they play against Granada. After that match, they play a couple more. And the final score is not that bad. In fact, is great. For now, they are in the first position.

On the other hand, their next match is on Friday against Celta de Vigo. And one great news for the coach. Diego Carlos starts training. As a matter of fact, he was injured and now he starts to practice. However, in the last couple of days Daniel Carrivo had a stomach ache, but the next day he practices normally. When you play a dynamic sport like football, every day brings some new news.

But for sure everyone is happy when we talk about good news. The main problem start when we start to talk about bad news. Luckily at the beginning of the season, we didn’t have so much bad news. But you never know what will happen next.