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What is the Sevens World Cup?

To begin with, it is a premier stand-alone Rugby competition that is played outside of the Olympics.

In general, it is organised every four years including men’s and women’s national teams.

At the same time, male and female teams are playing on the same venues. It is generally organised by a sports governing body.

To be exact, that is World Rugby. Their first tournament was back in 1993 in Scotland.

Not to mention, that is also a birthplace of rugby sevens. The winners from men’s teams are awarded Melrose Cup.

On the whole, that is the main prize of rugby cup sevens and it got its name by the town in Scotland where the first game was played.

The story begins in 1883 where a local butcher boy invited local rugby teams to play a small tournament for a fundraiser.

In detail, that was a fundraiser for a Melrose Rugby Club that had overall financial issues.

At this point, only teams who have held the trophy so far are England, Wales, Fiji and the current Cup holder is New Zealand.

The first tournament ever was won by England. Afterwards, the women’s tournament was introduced later in 2009 in Dubai.

New Zealand won the three tournaments in men’s rugby, Fiji two and England and Wales both won a single tournament.

On the other hand, Argentina, Australia and South Africa have all got to finals but didn’t win the title.

Not to mention, in women’s Rugby World Cup Sevens, the first tournament was won by Australia.

The second and third were won by New Zealand. At this point, New Zealand is the world champion for both women’s and men’s tournaments.


To begin with, they were proposed by the Scottish Rugby Union. The decision was on the International Rugby Board.

Obivously, the decision was positive as the first tournament was held already in 1993.

It has been repeating every four years since that. England has won Australia in that match with the result 21-17.

Hong Kong had a big part in this and also hosted the event in 1997. At that time, Fiji won the finals against South Africa.

After that, the following tournament was held in 2001 in Mar del Plata in Argentina.

Year after that, in 2005, the tournament moved back to Hong Kong.

After the tournament in 2009, Samoa, Kenya, Wales and Argentina worked to take off the title.

They decided to take over South Africa, New Zealand, England and Fiji.

At that time, Wales and Argentina played against each other in finals, where Wales won with 19-12.

International Rugby Board presented a submission for Olympics Committee because they wanted it to be recognized as Olympic sport.

However, the feedback in 2005 was negative as the committee wanted them to promote the women’s game.

For that reason, the woman’s tournament in Dubai was presented for the first time in 2009.

Their intention, in the beginning, was to end the World Cup for rugby and just play in the Olympics.

Even though the International Olympics Committee has approved of this, there was still a lot in question.

For example, there could be only 12 teams that could play in the Olympics.

However, in the Rugby Cup Sevens, there were 24 men’s and 16 women’s teams that were ready to play.

Sevens Rugby Fixtures

In case you haven’t prepared yourself for watching the latest matches, get some popcorn for the following days.

On Wednesday, July 31st there will be a match between Cote D’Ivoire and Nigeria.

Saturday, August 3rd, there will be Zimbabwe against Kenya and Ghana against Nigeria.

The USA vs Samoa and Fiji vs Canada are also on Saturday. Not to mention, Tonga against Japan.

Above all, you should certainly prepare yourself the best you can for that Saturday as there is much to be seen.

On Friday, August 9th you should be prepared for 3 matches. Those are South Africa against Uganda, Madagascar against Kenya and Tonga against Canada.

After that, on Saturday, August 10 there is a match between Uganda and Zambia.

Now that said, let’s get back to the last rugby sevens cup which was in 2018.

The last year of the rugby cup was played in San Francisco, United States.

Of course, the winner was New Zealand and other finalists were England, South Africa and Fiji.

When counting results by nation, France was second in the last game. That is surely a big step as they were in 11th place before that.

In women’s teams, New Zealand was also a champion but France was on a much higher position here.

Canada, Spain and Australia were also in the finals in there. Of course, it is no wonder for Australia as they won the title in 2009.

Don’t forget to prepare yourself or the next wc fixtures.

Sevens Cup Fixtures

Do you know the fixtures world cup 2018? No matter what is your answer, we bring the sevens rugby fixtures.

Sevens rugby is played every four years. So, in like manner, you probably know that this year is the next wc tournament.

For that reason, we bring the wc fixtures fro 2019 so you don’t miss out on any games.

To begin with, in group A you can expect Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Russia and Samoa.

You certainly can’t wait to see those sevens rugby results for that tournament.

On Friday 20th September, Japan is playing against Russia in Tokyo. On Sunday, 22nd September Ireland is playing against Scotland in Yokohama.

After that, Russia is playing against Samoa in Kumagaya and Saturday is reserved for Japan and Ireland in Shizouka.

On Monday 30th September, you will See Scotland and Samoa playing in Kobe.

Afterwards, on Thursday, October 3rd, Russia will play against Ireland in Kobe.

In like manner, on Saturday 5th October Japan will play against Samoa in Toyota.

Furthermore, Wednesday 9th of the same month will show the match against Scotland and Russia.

Afterwards, on Saturday 12th, Ireland will play Samoa in Fukuoka and Sunday 13 will be the day to watch Japan and Scotland in Yokohama.

Not to mention, there is also a pool B we have to mention.

World Cup Pool B

First of all, the Rugby world cup is one of the most popular sports across the world.

For that reason, many are interested in hsbc sevens. Not to mention, world cup 2018 fixtures which you probably already seen.

Of course, rugby championship in 2018 was extremely interesting so for that reason, we will continue with the fixtures for this year.

In the pool B the teams were New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Namibia and Canada.

On Saturday, 21st September there was New Zealand will play against South Africa in Yokohama.

Day after that, Italy will play against Namibia in Osaka. After that, you will have to wait until Thursday 26th September to see Italy play against Canada in Fukuoka.

On Saturday, the 28th of September, South Africa will play against Namibia in Toyota.

Then we will finally come to October when on Wednesday 2nd new Zealand will play against Canada in Oita.

In Shizouka you can expect a match between South Africa and Italy on Friday 4th.

Already on Sunday 6th, you will see New Zealand play against Namibia in Tokyo.

On Tuesday 8th October, South Africa will face Canada in Kobe.

Only ones left are Saturday and Sunday which are 12th and 13th October.

Furthermore, on Saturday New Zealand will play against Italy while on Sunday Namibia will face Canada.

The first game will be played in Toyota and another one in Kamaishi.

Not to mention, there are left pool c and pool d and the knockout stages.

For that reason, you better be well prepared for this sevens san wc.

World Cup 2018 Results

The tournament in 2018 was held in the AT&T Park in the San Francisco, United States.

In case you missed it, we bring the latest sevens rugby results in the following text.

New Zealand won in this tournament. They went home with the Melrose Cup after defeating England 33-12 in the final game.

In the second place, South Africa won the bronze after the win against Fiji 24-19.

Once again, the tournament was dominated by the world cup core teams and at this point, that can be seen in the results as well.

However, Ireland was the one team who got to ninth place and wasn’t in that group.

In case we look at the results individually, the best scorer would be Emmanuel Guise.

This player of Papua New Guinea scored 37 points altogether. Other top scorers were New Zealand and South Africa.

New Zealand’s player Joe Ravouvou and South Africa’s Siviwe Soyizwapi each had 6.

Don’t forget on 2018 world cup fixtures which are most important for world rugby.

Above all, 7s rugby has a long history that you certainly want to be a part of in case you are a fan.

However, sevens san rugby isn’t the only one which you want to watch, there is also the 2018 world cup.

Sevens World cup series

First of all, we certainly hope that you checked your sevens results already.

In like manner, you probably browsed among the international rugby fixtures and saw when you need to prepare yourself.

The sevens series is an annual series of international rugby which is run by the World Rugby.

These series are organized for the first time in 1999-2000. They were formed to develop the elite-level competition between the rugby nations.

In the first place, they would make the game into a viable commercial product.

At first, the competition was known as the IRB World sevens series. However, since 2014 we know it as hsbc sevens because of the sponsorship.

To be exact, the season consists out of 10 circuits that generally begin in November.

Sometimes they also being in December and they usually last until May.

These venues are overall organized across 10 countries. The United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, France and others.

Each year there are 16 teams, 15 of them are core teams and one is a regional qualifier.

Above all, teams can compete in here for the World Series title and accumulate overall points that are based on their finishing position.

To be exact, the lowest placed core team is dropped in the end and replaced by the winner.

World cup sevens professionalism

To begin with, in 2011 to 2012 it was the last time they had 12 core teams and they moved to the 15 core teams and one regional.

Above all, the qualification for these places was held out in the Hong Kong Sevens in 2012.

While many teams such as Canada, Spain and Portugal had been kicked out and returned to the team, New Zealand kept its place.

After that, Argentina should have been hosting the tenth event, however, they joined the rugby championship and the plans couldn’t be realized.

However, that didn’t stop the games and as a result, New Zealand came back a winner.

Not to mention, there was also the top four teams who qualified for the Summer Olympics in 2016.

On the whole, those were Fiji, South Africa, Great Britain and New Zealand.

While most of the tournaments began after they were added the world series, the oldest running is in Hong Kong in 1976.