Sergio Ramos showed once again why is he a legend

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos once again showed why many consider him a legend. Real Madrid had no problem playing against Leganes. Deportivo Leganes is a Spanish football club from the outskirts of Madrid. The club exists since 1928. Matches are playing on Municipal de Butarque. The club played in the lower leagues most of the time. It was like that until 1977 when they returned to the fourth division.

Real Madrid came close to just one point behind Barcelona after the game against Leganes. With Kroos, Rodrygo scoring in the first eight minutes of the game, Sergio Ramos increased the lead to 3-0. The third goal fell after the 24th minute when Sergio Ramos shot a penalty. Later in the match, Karim Benzema hit from 11 yards. Luka Jovic scored the fifth goal.

For the captain of the royal club, it was the first goal of the season. But it didn’t even matter because he continued an incredible streak with that goal. Sergio Ramos became the second player to score at least one goal. In each match in the Spanish Championship in the last 16 seasons. In front of Sergio is only Lionel Messi, the star of a football club from Catalonia.

Sergio Ramos

Ramos started his successful career in the 2004/2005 season. He was in Seville at the time. The first goal in the league scored against Real Sociedad. The second goal scored against Real Madrid. He crossed to Real Madrid the following season. For one of the most important players not only for the club but also for the national team, this is the 15th season.


You wouldn’t believe it, but Sergio scored goals in all 15 seasons …

Sergio Ramos is a professional footballer who is considered one of the best defensible players of all time. Many value him not only for his defense but also for his ability to score goals. Sergio has been named FIFPro World XI ten times. He has been named the best La Liga defender five times. He competed with the Spanish national team in three European Championships, four World Cups.

With the Spanish national team, he is in the FIFA World Cup Dream. He made his first appearance at the age of 18 for the team. Ramos is currently the player who holds the record for most games played as captain. Did you know that he is the tenth highest goalscorer of all time? We believe that Soccer 10 could read all about the next big matches of one of the most popular players in Spain.