Sergio Ramos provoked Real Madrid fans – What happened?

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos manages to annoy Real Madrid fans after a game against Galatasaray S.K. What happened that fans got mad at one of the Spanish club’s most important players? After a penalty 14 minutes into the match, many believed that Rodrygo will shot the penalty. But that didn’t happen. The score was then 2-0.

By this point, the Brazilian player had already scored two goals and was able to score a hat trick. He would also become the fastest hat trick player in the history of the Champions League competition. It was a bit lacking for Rodrygo to replace Marco Simone. Marco scored three goals in 24 minutes for Milan. Sergio Ramos made sure that the record will be kept intact. The Real Madrid captain decided to take the ball and shot a penalty.

In refereeing, Rodrygo was able to score a hat trick, but because of Ramos failed to make it in the short term. Shortly after the match ended, fans’ condemnations could be read on all social networks. Many didn’t like the captain’s move to the young player. They think it was not right to take away a shot from the Brazilian, which didn’t mean much to the club at that point.

It was a convincing win for Real Madrid, who are still struggling to secure a pass into the Champions League competition. Many will surely bet on this club, whose long tradition of winning should not be ignored.


Sergio Ramos denies accusations

Since yesterday Sergio is one of the most hated players in the Champions League. This is not the first time fans have become angry with the captain. This time the reason for many was selfishness. Rodrygo managed to score more goals in the match against Galatasaray.

After a penalty 14 minutes into the game, it was assumed that he would be taken by a young Brazil striker. That didn’t happen because Ramos was in charge of the penalty shootout. He considers that to be implied. He didn’t think it would hurt anyone in the club. Certainly, Sergio will not be the favorite player of the Spanish club for a long time. If the situation changes we will find out soon on Soccer 10.