Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in trouble

The realization of the sale of Newcastle United is not going well. In fact, one serious problem came on the surface. Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in trouble after allegations emerged against Saudi Arabia. However, it looks like they are stealing a Premiership match signal from an illegal TV channel and broadcasting it for free in his country.

Piracy is a huge problem

Even the giant beIN Sports reacted to this problem. They are sending a complaint to the leadership of the Premiership. In fact, they were accusing Saudi Arabia of piracy. Now the whole procedure was initiated.

Qatar Television has bought exclusive rights to the Premiership for the entire Arabian Peninsula, except for Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, the boss is the controversial Mohammed bin Salman.

At this moment, Premiership lawyers are investigating the whole case. Some of them are blaming league leadership for bad piracy rules. In the current statute of the Premier League, we can’t see any explicit mention of piracy. Because of this new situation, we have been waiting for more than two weeks for the official confirmation of the sale of Newcastle.


Salman wants it from Newcastle make a superpower

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, headed by Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has decided to buy the club from Mike Ashley for 343 million euros. However, the new owners have secured 250 million euros. This money will be invested in the team and in the renovation of the academy’s clubhouse. All this information came from the English media.

This should be just the first investment in the series of three-year money injections into the club. In fact, the new plan is written on the 350 pages, and new plans include a new commercial sponsorship. Also, manager Steve Bruce should get around 150 million euros to bring new players to the club.

At the beginning of these changes, they have the first goal. To return to the Champions League. The last time when they play in this competition was in the season 2002/03. But all this will happen only if Salman buys Newcastle United. Right now this is not a final, and we don’t know what will be final Soccer10 results.