Samir Nurkovic talking about his experience in Amakhosi

Samir Nurkovic has joined the club less than two months ago. He came as an unknown figure from Slovakia’s second division. In that short period, he managed to leave a significant impression on teammates and fans as well.

This Serbian player had only scored one goal and assisted another in his first four games but he has shown great potential and dedication to his work.

At this point, he is settling on the new grounds where he will get used to the new environment. Nurkovic just started catching up with the different style of football but regardless of everything, nothing stopped him to come out of his shell.

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Samir Nurkovic – enjoying the game

Nurkovic seems extremely positive about his present position. “I’m enjoying playing with them and, as everyone knows, we’ve played just four games together and it’s getting better and better,” he stated. For him, it is quite a shock to suddenly play on another continent. Of course, we speak about the same game, but the style, training and culture is something that takes time to get used to. However, he didn’t let that to bring him down.

It is clear that he is getting better game after game and that is specifically the reason why he caught everyone’s eye. His first time playing in front of the fans and supporters was what gives him additional encouragement. Nurkovic was impressed with the number of fans and reception from the stands. “I’m enjoying every game, and when it’s a question of goals – they will come. I’m just giving my best every game, and I’m doing whatever the coach is asking from me.” – he stated.

Playing for his team and with his team is everything he needs at this moment, according to his statement. He is happy as long as he can be on the field, helping his team. Samir Nurkovic seems as he settled in an there are no doubts that this will boost his career. For more news about Kaizer Chiefs, follow Soccer 10.