Ronaldo indignant at coach

Cristiano Ronaldo is angry, even if we can see how Juventus is winning against Lokomotiv. The score in this game was 2-1. This game was played in the fourth round in the Champions League group stage.

But even with this victory, Ronaldo was very angry. The first reason is that in the 3rd minute Aron Ramsey stole a goal from him. Ronaldo shoots, but he planted his foot before the line. This goal was very important for Ronaldo.

With this goal, he would improve his desperate score from the free-kick. In the last four seasons, he only scores once a goal from the free-kick. That doesn’t bother him, he doesn’t do them right. But he does not look back, so in Moscow, he took the ball 35 yards and fired towards the goal. The Lokomotiv goalkeeper awkwardly let the ball through his legs. The ball went into the net, but Ronald’s goal was stolen by Ramsey.

With this goal, Ronaldo would become a player who scores against 34 clubs in the Champions League. He holds a lot of records, this could be another one.


As this wasn’t enough, the finishing show was given to him by his coach Maurizio Sarri. He called him out from the game in 81 minutes, he was replaced by Paulo Dybala. Everyone knows that you can’t take out a player like Ronaldo, specifically not when the score is 1-1. This was ten minutes before the end of the game.

I would bet on Betway South Africa app that behind this story we can see something. Maybe some new problems in the club. Who knows? But one thing is for sure we will find out.

Maurizio Sarri talks about Ronaldo

Even though Ronaldo is close to his 35th birthday, this was the first time in the 13 games in this season that he didn’t play a game until the end. When the coach takes him out he did not hide how outraged he was at that moment.

He didn’t even shake hands with Sarri, but he shows him the finger gesture. In some countries, this sign represents a victory, but in some others is the equivalent of the middle finger.

Everyone notices this situation, so after the match, everyone asks Sarri about this situation. About this situation, he only said that Ronaldo is angry but not at him. As he said he is not physically well. In recent days he feels some pain in the ankle. When he saw a strange movement in the sprint he decides to replace him.

We will need to wait for future games to see is this true. But be sure that Soccer10 will follow this story.