Ronaldo called Rakitic to come in Juventus

In the last season, we can see Rakitic in the first eleven in almost every game. But in this season the situation is a little bit different. In the last two months, Rakitic had separated talks with Barcelona president Bartomeu and coach Valverde. But also with Messi. He was looking for an answer to why he isn’t playing in this season. No one didn’t give him a specific answer.

Before the national team game, Ivan Rakitic was in the conference room and speak about everything that is bothering him. He is one great player in one big club which is fighting in the Champions League. But in this season he didn’t play for the club. And he doesn’t know what is happening.

Rakitic spokes about problems in Barcelona

A lot of things happened in the past few months, the situation in Barcelona wasn’t normal. It is not clear to anyone why Rakitic ended up on the bench. Not even him!

And in the last transfer period, there were a lot of interests for him. In the first place, big PSG and Juventus were interested. Allegedly, Ronaldo called him personally and confirmed him the desire of everyone in Juventus locker room to join the team. But Barcelona wants a lot of money for him, and the business was off.


At this conference, Ivan said that he doesn’t know what will be next, but for him, it is hard and embarrassing. He is the player who wants to play for Barcelona, not only to be a part of the team. As he said, he has a contract for a couple of more years. And for him, there is no better place for playing than Barcelona. But he wants to play, not to enjoy walking around the city.

Rakitic had separate talks with Barcelona head people, but he didn’t get any specific answer. But this is all, he didn’t want to talk about this subject more. In the end, there will be only two options. One is that the coach gives him a chance, or he will leave the club.

For sure, this situation will be very interesting in the future, and Soccer10 will follow this situation. The transfer period could bring us a lot of interesting situations and this could be one of them.