Rodrygo Silva de Goes new wonder of Real Madrid

Rodrygo Silva de Goes

Rodrygo Silva de Goes or simply just Rodrygo is the new miracle from Brazil that saved Real Madrid. Spain’s most famous football club has not seen such a debut since 1993. Did you know that Rodrygo was only a year and nine months old when Ronaldo scored a goal at the Santiago Bernabeu in 2002?

It was the 6th of October 2002 when Ronaldo Lusi Nazario de Lima scored after just 62 seconds into the match. It was the fifth round of La Liga. After that goal, Ronaldo was the first with the fastest goal for Real. Seventeen years later, so did Rodrygo, a compatriot from Brazil.

71 minutes into the match he scored against Osaune to make the score 2-0. It was the first game for a young Brazilian who entered as a replacement for Vinicius Junior. Ever since the young player entered the game, players from Brazil have suddenly started to dominate. Just after Rodrygo came in, Casemiro sent him a diagonal shot. With the third fake, he sends Lill to the wrong side and with the fourth touch of the ball he defeats the keeper. Rodrygo Silva eventually sends the ball into the net. It took the young player just 93 seconds to score the first goal in Real. Find out more on Soccer 10.

Rodrygo Silva de Goes

Rodrygo was born on the 9th of January 2001. He is a young hope from Brazil who currently plays at Real Madrid. He was born in Sao Paulo. In the summer of 2017, he signed his first professional contract for five years. He debuts in first-team and Serie A in November 2017 as a replacement for Bruno Henrique in a win against Atletico Madrid. He scored his first goal as a senior at the start of next year and his club beat Ponte Preta 2-1.


Rodrygo Silva made his Copa Libertadores debut on March 2018 and, at just 17 years and 50 days old, became Santos’ youngest player. Fifteen days later, he scored the first goal of the tournament. At only 17 years and two months old, he became the youngest player in Brazil to score in a major competition. In June 2018, he signed a contract with Real Madrid. Santos was awarded € 40 million after the contract because the club was entitled to 80% of his rights. Rodrygo’s first league goal was against Osasuna.