Ribéry punished for pushing the judge

Fiorentina lost at home match against Lazio 2-1in the 9th round of Serie A. In this game, they lose points. With points, they lose their best player for some time. Franck Ribéry left the field after 75 minutes.

But this was not a problem. The problem came after the game. As they were leaving the lawn, Ribery approached the line judge and complained bitterly. He pushed him twice, for this situation he received a red card in the tunnel.

After he cooled down, he realizes what he did so he sent an apology message to referee and Fiorentina fans. Since he came to this Italian club he scored two goals.

This was one thoughtless move. The player in that age needs to know how to behave. Unfortunately for the club, he was punished. So in this game, they have one bad Soccer10 result, but with all that, they lose Ribéry for some time.


Ribéry will play in a month

Franck Ribéry has one great start in the Italian adventure in his veteran years. But unfortunately, his first big problem was because of indiscipline.

Fiorentina lost at home game against Lazio 2-1 in the 9th round of Serie A. Lazio led in the 22nd minute with a goal from Correa, but Chiesa equalized just six minutes later. Ribery’s assist in this situation.

One minute before the end Lazio scores their second goal. This was a goal for a win in this game. Guests have a chance to win 3-1. but they didn’t score a penalty.

After the game, Franck Ribéry was angry with the referees. Ribery approached the assistant judge and vehemently complained to him. After that, he pushed him twice. For this situation, he got a red card in the tunnel.

Later he realized what he did, legendary Frenchman sent an apology message to the judge and Fiorentina fans. But that didn’t help him much. He got a three games suspension. Which means that he will miss away game against Sassuolo, home game against Parma, also game against Cagliari. The first time when we can see him is on November 24 when they will play against Verona, after a break from national team matches.

He is a great player so he needs to know how to behave on the field. This is not winning from an online guide. If he wants to have success with his team, he will need to behave in the right way.