Rhulani Mokwena spoke about Orlando Pirates

Currently, Chippy United coach Rhulani Mokwena spoke about his time in the Orlando Pirates. He also speaks about the identity of the famous club. Rhulani explains the situation in the Pirates on the way as he sees it. Also, he helped to implement some changes in the time when he was in the technical team.

Mokwena talks about his time in the Orlando Pirates. He came in the Pirates back in the season 2016/17. In the time when they only won six league matches. They didn’t have so good results for PSL. In that season they were on the 11th positions. Just if we look at the statistics, opponents send them 40 goals in the net. Under the Rhulani and Milutin, they finished next season in the second position.

Rhulani Mokwena: situation wasn’t good in the time when i come in the club

Once he came into the club together with Milutin, they have a lot of work. Firstly they want to find a correlation between our possession statistics and the number of goals that Orlando Pirates scored in previous seasons.

In that period they want to retain possession for a little bit longer. Throughout history, Pirates are known as the club with a lot of influence and its bravery. Everyone in the club wants to see Pirates with their specific way of playing football. They are winners.


They have huge support from their fans. Almost every coach had great support, specifically those who are playing open football, with a lot of goals. Fans want to see their club like this. Pirates have huge support, and they are extremely passionate. They want to see a victory even in the times when that is not possible.

Sometimes fans are carrying the players, and in those moments coach can’t do anything. He can try to bring different dynamics and different possession or position. But in those moments this isn’t possible.

In the time when Micho and Mokwena come to the club, they manage to bring the possession and control in the game. Manage to bring attacking structure but also keeping the ball. Opponents couldn’t score many goals in those situations.

Right now Mokwena is on the Chippa United bench, but in the future, he will be looking for Orlando Pirates. And who knows maybe one day we see him again on their bench.