Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships

The Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships (or just Japan Open) is a men’s tournament held in Tokyo, Japan. Since 1973, this tournament gathered a decent number of fans following singles and doubles competitions.

All the way until 2008, this event was a joint tournament for both men and women. However, since Ariake Coliseum started hosting the Pan Pacific Open, the entire women’s tournament moved out. In their defence, the tournament downgraded the WTA Tour to a $100,000 ITF circuit event. Now, let’s move on to the betting part!

Rakuten Japan Open Bets

Just started betting? Have a lot of questions? Don’t worry, we are here to give you an answer. Let’s start with the most common bets, like match-winner. Match winner is a classic bet offered by all bookmakers. That one doesn’t require an additional explanation as the name speaks for itself.

Outright bets are next in line and these imply; tournament winner, player to reach the final, each-way bet, quarter-final win and similar. Each-way is a great bet for beginners and here’s why; you can’t lose!


For example, you can bet that player A will reach the final and win the tournament. If one fails, the other part of the bet is a backup. The last one in line is the handicap bet. It is used by bookmakers when the match feels one-sided to eve out the odds. One team or a player will get an advantage over others.

Game handicap works in the same way; one player gets a game advantage while other gets a game deficit. Same goes for the set handicap. In the set handicap, one player will get a set advantage while the other gets a set deficit.

Rakuten Japan Open Odds

How do the odds work and why are they so important? Well, the odds are a foundation of every bet – they tell you how much will you win with a particular bet and how likely is for a player to win. If the odds are bigger, it is less likely for a player to win and opposite; if the odds are smaller, it is very likely for a player to win. However, bigger odds mean bigger prize. Risky bets can bring you a hefty amount of money so if you ever get certain about one, don’t be afraid to use it!

Odds comparison

Do you want a better prediction? More money? Compare those odds! Comparing the older results from previous matches to the present ones can be useful to get a bigger picture of the player or a team. It can help you predict the unexpected turn in some matches or tournaments. You can earn a big jackpot if you play it right. One more important thing; choose the right bookmaker!

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