Raheem Sterling fought with Joe Gomez

Raheem Sterling will not be in the team for the English national team for a qualification match against Montenegro in the fight for Euro 2020. City star has been dropped from the squad because of the fight with Liverpool defender Joe Gomez.

Both players played in a derby between Liverpool and City. Sterling first verbally assaulted a representative colleague. But he didn’t stop there, later he physically assaulted him.

Both players were on the team gathering, but Sterling attacked Gomez just after he gives him warmly welcome. Gomez approached Sterling who was sitting in the canteen, trying to reach out to him. But the City player reacted aggressively, he grabbed Gomez by the neck. At first, everyone thinks that this was a joke, but in a short time becomes clear that Sterling was thinking seriously. They manage to separate them.


After this situation, he was suspended, but according to the Soccer10 today we have information that he will be only one game off. He could play on Sunday.


Southgate: I will not hesitate with Raheem Sterling

Gareth Southgate, English national team coach says that he will not hesitate in selecting Raheem Sterling for Sunday’s match against Kosovo. He was suspended for a game against Montenegro because of the fight with Joe Gomez.

But as coach said, in recent days he has been a real example for other players in the team. He is a huge part of this team. English coach has been criticized by many for the have how he handling this situation. He could fix all in quiet, but whole this situation went public.

Now is easy to fix everything when a few days have passed. He would not hesitate with Sterling, actually, he could play on Sunday. On the practice everyone can saw Sterling with Gomez, smiling, it looks like they are forget everything.

Most of the players are playing in the Premier League, for that reason, it is logical that there are major rivalries. Despite everything I can bet on Betway that all those boys are very close, they enjoy training in recent days. Right now we can see England in the leading position in their group. They only need one point to be qualified for Euro 2020.