Quique Setien brings back the old Barcelona

It is impossible to make a revolution in just four days. When you have Messi in your team, there is no need to rush. Quique Setien had a debut with Barcelona with a minimal win against Granada.

Barcelona didn’t play the best match of the season, they won in this game after a goal in 76th minute. Granada stayed with 10 players and Messi scored a goal.

At the first conference as a new coach of Barcelona, Setien said that the best way to win is to play well. In this game, Barcelona didn’t play great, maybe well. But after 90 minutes he showed in what direction everything would go to Barcelona. All this gave the fans hope for a better future.

Quique Setien makes the changes in the formation


The first noticeable change is the change of formation. This game, Setien start this match with three defenders in the last line. With this decision, he makes the biggest turnaround from Barcelona in the past season when they played with four defenders.


He gave the special role to Sergio Roberto, who is a central midfielder, but he played many times as a right-back. Setien decided to use him as a third stopper on his debut, and the 27-year-old player did not let him down.

In front of defenders, we can see the defensive trio, Busquets, Vidal, and Rakitic, while Ansu Fati and Jordi Alba give them the width. Setien didn’t have a classic striker at his disposal, because Suarez was injured. Messi and Griezmann had complete freedom of movement in the midfield on the opposing half.

Against Granada, they played the classic Setien system 3-5-2 and 3-3-4. Depending on how high Fati and Alba were on the rivals half.

Barcelona fans waited for a moment of Setien’s debut at Camp Nou. They have something to see, tika-taka is back. Barcelona absolutely dominates with the ball possession. They have a ball 82% of the time in their feet. In this game, they played recorded 1005 passes.

Barcelona patiently built her attacks through a new arrangement of figures on the field. Everyone feels the missing of Lusi Suarez in the team. But in the future, we will see better Supabets results.