PSL is on pause

The main person of PSL, Irvin Khoza announced that this week we will not see any matches. Also, this decision includes the weekend matches. This decision came after the board of governors meeting due to the situation with Covid-19.

Firstly there was a decision that there can’t be gathering with more than 100 people. This decision had an indirect effect on football because South Africa is living for football.

Right now they cancel a couple of matches, but there is a big probability that this situation will continue in the future time. Also in this canceled game was game between Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns. This could be one crucial game for the fight for the title.

What will happen with PSL in the future?

Basically, there are no too many changes, the only change, for now, is that matches are on the pause. Clubs will continue to practice normally, and they will prepare like they are playing matches.


Also, the SA Football Association released a statement where they explain this situation too. They said that some European countries decide to play at empty stadiums, but still, some of the players got infected.

This didn’t stop the spread of this virus. Also, they don’t believe that playing in front of the empty stadium will bring anything good. In the same way, as some football leagues postponed their matches and seasons, they will do the same. Right now this decision is only for this week and weekend, but there is a big probability that this situation will continue.

We will not see some good Soccer10 results. But this situation has a lot of effect on everyone who is working at the stadium too. But they can’t do too much, life doesn’t have a price.

PSL will continue to monitor the whole situation before they decide to bring football matches. Right now we can only say that this is a good decision, to stop all matches. It is better than this potentially dangerous time passes, and that in the future we can enjoy in matches as we use before. Every match will be played, only we don’t know when.