Problems for Messi in the Champions League

Lionel Messi could have a lot of problems traveling to the UK if Barcelona would play against one English club in the Champions League. All that is because of Brexit.

Since 2012 we can hear about Brexit. Brexit is another name for leaving the UK from the European Union. Messi has previously convicted for tax fraud. As his punishment, he got 21 months suspended prison sentence by the Spanish courts.

Right now that hasn’t been an issue for Messi. He has a dual Spanish-Argentine passport which makes him EU citizen. Besides, he is free to travel to the UK, because he didn’t convicted for a violent crime.

What does Brexit have with Messi?

What would happen if the UK leaves the European Union? Messi and may other stars will have a lot of problems. They could have a problem to enter the country.


Right now if you are an EU citizen with a criminal conviction, still you can travel in the UK. Until you don’t make any threat to national security. But if you aren’t a citizen of the EU with a conviction or prison sentence imposed, you will not enter the country.

With this problem, Messi could be faced. But not only him, but there are also a huge number of very famous footballers whit convictions sentence for tax evasion. Until now they didn’t have to worry about that because they have EU passports.

But after the Brexit, there is a big possibility that they may not be able to enter the country. They will be treated like non-EU nationals. Anyone with a prison sentence of any sort can’t come in the country. This could make a lot of problems in the Champions League squads. The big question will be will they play finals in England if players may not be able to come to the country.

For sure clubs will need to take some steps. Also, there is an expectation that in this case Messi would be handed an exemption by the Home Office. Brexit will affect not the only UK, but also football clubs, players. Clubs will give everything for their stars, but will they play? That is a great question. Soccer10 will bring you all the information about this situation.