Pro 14

Pro 14 is a yearly rugby union competition. As a matter of fact, this competition involves professional teams from Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa, and Wales.

However, this is one of the three professional leagues in Europe. In fact, the other two leagues are English Premiership and French Top 14.

Not to mention that the best teams from all these leagues go forward in European Champions Cup and the pan-European championship.

In the first place, this league was known as Welsh-Scottish League. In 1999 you can find this league as Celtic League. From that time this league grow and include teams from Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.


However, at the beginning of the season 2010/11, we can see that the number of teams increased from 10 to 12. In this situation, the two Italian clubs are added.

In the second place in the 2011 league changes the name, and now is Pro 12. As a matter of fact, the change is made because now includes clubs out of the Celtic nation.

The last change was in the season 2017/18 when they increase the number of clubs on 14. In this case, two clubs from South African joined the league.

After all these changes, they change the name in Pro fourteen.

Current tournament format

Season 2017/18 takes place between September and May. As a matter of fact, teams are split into two conferences.

In all these conferences you can find two teams from Ireland, one team from Italy, Scotland and South Africa.

Not to mention that every year teams are split on conferences based on their position in the last season.

In this case, teams will play with the teams in their conference twice and every team will play one time with teams in other conferences.

And with that, every team plays two derbies against the same nation teams but from the different conference.

In this case, Ireland and Wales will retain the same number of matches that they had before.

At the end of the season, they play play-offs. In the play-offs will play three teams from each conference. Not to mention that conference winners go directly in the semi-finals. And they will be the host of those matches.

On the other hand, the second and the third-placed teams will go in the quarter-finals.

And in the end, the final game will be played in the pre-arranged place.

However, teams get the points after every match using a Rugby union bonus points system. In this case, they get 4 points for a win, 2 points for a draw.

As a matter of fact, if you want to win bonus points then you will need to score four or more tries in a game or lose a game with seven or fewer points.

Tournament format thought history

However, in this league, you can find a playoff structure since 2009/10. As a matter of fact, they use a similar system as English Premiership.

From season 2003/04 until season 2008/09 champions were the team that has the best performance in the league. Not to mention that in this league was includes all teams.

Since 2017/18 they start to use conference structure. And from that time they have derby games between teams from the same nation.

In this case, they control the calendar and control the number of games for one team.

As a matter of fact, since 2010/11 two teams from Italy joined the competition. And since 2017 two teams from South Africa joined.


In the first place, this tournament was often regarded as the predecessor of the British and Irish league.

Sometime later all these talks lead to Welsh Rugby Union and the Rugby Football Union.

As a matter of fact, they all established the Anglo-Welsh Cup in 2005. And later in 2009, they established the British and Irish Cup.

Not to mention that the first steps in this league were made after Scottish district Edinburgh and Glasgow were invited to join Welsh Premier Division.

In this situation, they created the Welsh-Scottish League. Later in 2001, they made some arrangement with Irish Rugby Football Union to bring 4 Irish provinces to the league.

From the season 2001/02, there is some new additional matches and new structure. All that new format got the name Celtic League.

Til 2005 this tournament become the only professional league in Ireland and Scotland. And this league replace the previous one.

Celtic League

In the first season, we can see 15 teams. As a matter of fact in this league played four Irish teams, two Scottish and all nine Welsh teams.

However, they play this league with their domestic competition. All teams were split between two groups. Not to mention that the four best teams went in the knock-out phase. And after that, we got the champion.

As a matter of fact, the format of the game was the same in the second season. But the major changes come in the season 2003/04.

In fact in this season is agreed that Celtic League becomes the professional league of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

As a matter of fact in the season 2004/05 for the first time, Ireland uses Celtic League for the decision which teams will play in Heineken Cup.

Not to mention that in the 2008 Celtic League was introduce the playoff system.

And season 2009/10 was the last season where you can see that 10 teams playing. As a matter of fact, in the season 2010/11, two Italian teams joined this competition.

However, this is one of the most competitive league. In the time when two new teams come in this league, they change the name.

History of Pro 12

However, in season 2011/12, we saw some new things. In fact, they got a new name, RaboDirect Pro12. Because they become the sponsors of the league.

But in the season 2013/14, they bring the decision that this is the last season how they sponsor this league.

As a matter of fact, there were some concerns about the future of this tournament. But, luckily this season was one of the most successful seasons.

After all, in the next season, they got the new sponsors and now that was Guiness. In this case, the Pro 12 table had a greater influence on qualification.

And in the season 2017/18 happens a big change. In fact, two more teams are added in this league. And now we have Pro14.

History Pro 14

However, in season 2017/18, we can see one big change. In fact, two South African teams are added in the league.

As a matter of fact, the 14 teams are split into two conferences. In fact, there are seven teams in two conferences.

Not to mention that every team plays two games between each other, and one game with teams from other conferences. And two derby games between teams from the same nation but they play in other conferences.

Generally, the team that end’s in the first place in every conference will qualify directly to European Competition. As a matter of fact, each team for the semi-finals.

And the teams that end in the second and third place will qualify for quarter-finals.

Not to mention that teams from South Africa do not fulfill conditions for competition in European Competition.

In the other case, there are seven places for teams that are competing in the competition.

However, due to the traveling between Europe and South Africa, games that are played in South Africa will bee played on Saturday. They want that visiting teams have some time to relax.

And not to mention that this league can have a different name. In fact, we can call them Guinness Pro14, because of sponsors.

Clubs and winners

In the same way, as in every other sport, you can find that some teams are better than other ones. And for sure everyone will have some team that they love.

But, we need to see which one is the best in the Super Rugby log. In any case, the club that has the most titles till now is Leinster. As a matter of fact, they win six titles until now. Not to mention that they are winners in the last season 2018/19.

Right after them in the top 14 rugby teams are Ospreys and Munster. As a matter of fact, the first one wins the title four times and the second one for three times.

And in case we want to know how many titles they win by a nation, we can. In this case, Ireland won 11 titles until now.

After they are Wales which wins almost half less. In fact, they win only six titles and Scotland is with one title.

However, from South Africa, we have two teams Cheetahs pro 14 and Southern Kings. Unfortunately, til now they didn’t have some great results. In fact, if we look at Pro 14 log from the last season we will see that they end up at last place in one conference and in the sixth place in the other one.

Player of the year

In any case, some players are better than others. And if we look at the top 14 teams for sure we will find some players that are better than other ones.

In this case, if we look at the pro 14 rugby table we can see that there is a couple of players of the year.

In the first place this we can see that though the seasons and in the season 2009/10, this was Tommy Bowe from Ospreyas, from the season next was Ruan Pienaar from Ulster.

However, some of the other players were Tim Visser, Nick Willams, Dan Biggar, Rhys Webb, Bundee Aki, Charles Piutau. And in the last season, this was Tadhg Beime from Scarlets.

And for the next season, it is hard to predict who will win the title of player of the year. But I will not bet just on one player. Basically, you can see a lot of great players who can win this title.

Pro 14 fixtures

For more information about this game for sure is good to look at Soccer 10 or in the rugby blog. But in the meantime, you can see one of the most important Pro14 fixtures here.

However, the opening match is on Saturday, 23 September. And it will be played between Cheetahs and Glasgow.

Not to mention that this is the first time that we have all the dates until the end of the season.

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Pro 14 results and news

However, there are not some big changes from the last season, but still, there was some different position of teams.

First of all, we get all the dates of matches. In this case, this is the first time that we got all the dates before the season starts.

All the positions are based on the position in the pro14 log from the last season. And they say that the new conference will be up till the end of the season 2020/21.

However, we still don’t have information, but for sure there is a possibility that in this case to this league will join some teams from Super 15 log.

Not to mention that maybe some changes with the Super Rugby logo, or something like that.

For sure for all that, we will need to wait sometime and see. But changes will happen for sure. If we compare rugby with some programs like sony vegas pro14. From the time they get some updates.

As a matter of fact, the same thing is with rugby. From time to time we need to see some changes.

Specifically because of the fans. Most of them like the changes. And some new things. Generally, if those changes are good then for sure everyone will love them.