Premier League has announced new rules

Premier League just announced a new rule after anti-social fans made an incident in front of the Woodward’s home. If a person gets banned for violent or abusive behaviour by the Premier League – they will face a ban in every other ground of division. The League announced the news on Thursday.

This kind of punishment was agreed on at the meeting of the Premier clubs in central London. It applies to all kinds of racist abuse, hooliganism and other antisocial behaviours. The trigger for this might also be the protests which took place in front of the home of Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward happening in the past few weeks.

Fans have a hard time accepting the Ed Woodward

Premier League has new rules about antisocial behaviour

“At today’s meeting of the Premier League clubs, we all stood united against all forms of violent, threatening and abusive behaviour. After the recent events took place, the 20 clubs committed to introducing a League-wide ban. It will be valid for anyone that gets banned by their club for discrimination or violent or abusive acts.”

“Everything like this is unacceptable. This kind of conduct towards players, club employees, referees or fans won’t be tolerated by the Premier League or any of its clubs.” – Premier League said.


The West Ham owner and joint-chairman, David Gold added his statement about the Woodward’s situation. “The big issue was all about Ed Woodward. I have to say I fell sorry for him as I have been in this myself. I learned how that feels. It was awful.” Gold was supportive of this move.

“The Burnley game where West Ham fans invaded the pitch in protest against the club’s ownership was a horrible experience. My 10-year-old granddaughter was confused. She said to me; Grandpa, what do they mean…you are not a liar, are you? I mean, how can you explain that to a 10-year-old? It was horrible.”

The duration of the ban is going to be determined by the club where the incident occurred. The same will apply in the rest of the division. Read soccer 10 today to get all the latest results and news. Try betting with supabets app. You can win a big lump if you catch the right odds.

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