Pitso Mosimane prefers Tiyani Mabunda – What’s the reason?

Tiyani Mabunda is one of the favorites of the coach. Pitso Motsimane is one of the coaches known for his solid decisions that he doesn’t give up easily. Coach Pitso revealed why an injured Tiyani Mabunda who didn’t play for three weeks is still a coach favorite. Tiyani was injured in a match against Maritzburg United.

Tiyani Mabunda

Mabunda had a great start this season but had to come out in the second half against Maritzburg United because of the injury. The injury came after the start of goalkeeper Denis Onyango. The injured player was replaced by Rivaldo Coetzee. After that moment, Motsimane was concerned he didn’t know which new tactic he will choose.

Motsimane said he was upset because you can always rely on a player like Tiyani. There are several reasons why Tiyani is his favorite. First of all, he’s always ready to play, he doesn’t ask why sometimes he has to sit on the bench and he doesn’t grumble. He is one of the players that every coach would like to have on the team. The boy is smart, knows how to listen, never shy away and most importantly listens to a coach. There are now some tough days ahead of Motsimane when he will have to think about how he will fold the game with other players. With Soccer 10 you will know the latest news.

Tiyani Mabunda

Samuel Mabunda is a South African player who plays on the position of midfielder. He was born on the 17th of April 1988 in Polokwane. He currently plays for Mamelodi Sundowns and has made several appearances for the South African national team. Tiyani is a defensive midfielder who can play not only on defense but also on offense. He thinks that everyone who plays professional football should always want to be on top. It means to put a lot of effort and time to always be the best and to help your club as well as the national team.


He had a downfall at a previous club when things didn’t go the way he planned. In the end, he managed to overcome all these challenges by focusing on the positive things in life. Mabunda decided to surround himself with positive energy. He decided to show people his talent as well as how important is to have faith in God. This will help many to find a solution from many difficult situations. Mamelodi’s coach and team are hoping that Mabunda will soon recover. Who knows what PSL results will Sundowns have without Tiyani.